It's vital to find the best attachments for M416 PUBG Mobile to boost the status of this Assault Rifle. Check out this full guide, tutorial, and best attachments for this AR in this shooting game with

Best Attachments For M416 In PUBG Mobile

M416 is one of the most favorite rifles in PUBG Mobile. Although it's not the best weapon in this game, you can make it as powerful as some airdrop weapons when you use proper attachments for it.

#1. Best Muzzle Attachment For PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile M416 can accept all three muzzle attachments for ARs, including suppressor, compensator, and flash hider. When trying all these attachments, you will understand how they work with this gun.

M416 Full Attachments
M416 will be more powerful and effective with all the best attachments for this AR.
  • The compensator is the best attachment for M416 in close-quarter combat. It keeps your crosshair steady when you spray bullets with scope in. Or else, the compensator also helps reduce the bullet spread when you hip-fire.
  • Flash hider is the best muzzle attachment for M416 in mid-range combat on dark woods or in foggy weather. Therefore, when you spray bullets from a secret corner from distance, your enemies won't spot you or know your position.
M416 Hip Fire
The compensator also helps reduce the bullet spread when you hip-fire.
  • The suppressor is a secondary choice for PUBG Mobile newbies because this muzzle attachment increases the horizontal and vertical recoil of this AR.

#2. PUBG Best Attachments For M416 Scope

This AR accepts almost all scopes in PUBG Mobile except for the 8x scope. You should switch the scope for M416 for different ranges of fire.

  • In short-range combat, you should use a red dot or 2x scope. The red dot scope makes the crosshair steady when you spray bullets. Therefore, you should use a red dot for M416 in final circles to kill the last enemy quickly.
Red Dot For Close Combat
The red dot scope makes the crosshair steady when you spray bullets in close-range combat.
  • 3x scope is the best sight attachment for mid-range spray. You can also switch to sing-tap fire mode to tap and shoot more accurately when dealing with targets in a long distance.
  • When you have mastered mid-range spray with scope in, use a 6x scope and zoom it in to use as a 3x scope. You will see the target more clearly thanks to the large magnification of the 6x scope.
M416 Mid Range Spray
Pro players often use a 6x scope as 3x scope to spray in mid-range combat with M416.

#3. Best Grip Attachment For PUBG Mobile M416

The grip is an essential attachment for recoil reduction. Many grips also have special effects.

  • The angled grip is one of the best attachments for the M416 in PUBG Mobile ADS. It's also one of the best attachments for M416 in PUBG Mobile Lite. It helps reduce the horizontal recoil by 15% and increases the ADS speed. Therefore, it's good for both short and mid-range spray with scope in.
The Thumb Grip M416
The thumb grip is the best grip attachment for close-range engagement that increases the scope-opening speed.
  • The vertical grip is the best choice for close combat because it helps reduce the vertical grip of this AR by 15%. Then, you can spray bullets while moving in a jiggle line in close combat.
  • The half-grip reduces the horizontal recoil and vertical recoil by 10%.
  • The thumb grip is the best grip attachment for close-range engagement because it increases the scope-opening speed. Then, PUBG Mobile players using this grip can open the close-range scope quickly.
Best Grips For Pubg Mobile M416
The grip is an essential attachment for recoil reduction, many of them also have special effects.
  • PUBG Mobile pro players often use the light grip to boost the stability of this weapon. Especially, it increases the hip-fire accuracy by 30%, so it's a nice choice for close-range spray, especially when you face the opponent in a short distance of zero to five meters.

#4. Other Best Attachments For M416 PUBG Mobile

The quickdraw extended mag is the best magazine for M416. It increases the reload speed and ammo capacity from 30 to 40 bullets per load. Moreover, you should always attach a stock to this gun to make it more steady and stable in all ranges of combat.

Tactical Stock
The tactical stock and quick-draw extended mag are two essential attachments to make M416 more powerful.

Best Uses Of PUBG Mobile M416

M416 is one of the most popular in this game. It's also very versatile that can be used in many situations.

  • Use M416 for face-to-face situations: you should always grab this AR when rushing hot-drop locations or moving on the open ground. Remember to attach a red dot, vertical grip, and vertical grip to get ready for all close-range spray when the opponents jump out to shoot you.
M416 Deals With Moving Targets
M416 is the best weapon to deal with moving targets in PUBG Mobile.
  • Single-tap fire in mid-range combat: The best attachments for M416 PUBG Mobile in this situation includes a flash hider or suppressor, a vertical grip, and a 3x scope. You can also use a 6x scope used as a 3x scope. Then, find a cover, crouch, lean, and peek to tap and fire. You will need from 4 to 8 accurate bullets to knock down the enemies. Therefore, it's vital to wait until the target is halfway from his cover.
M416 Attachments For Close Combat
M416's Best Attachments For Close Combat Include A Vertical Grip, Red Dot, And Compensator Or Flash Hider.
  • Spray moving target: Because of high bullet speed and rate of fire, M416 is the best weapon to spray bullets to kill moving targets. For example, you can finish some enemies on a moving car to motorbike with M416 although they are speeding up on the open ground.

Those are the best attachments for M416 PUBG Mobile you may need. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.