You need to collect enough PUBG conqueror points to reach the highest level in PUBG Mobile. Players need to play the rank mode, collect more rank points, and reach Conqueror quickly. Check out these top pro tips for Conqueror in PUBG Mobile here with

#1. Don't Let Your Rank-Push Ruin Your Skills

Pushing rank is very important but you shouldn't let ruin your skill. PUBG Mobile players need to improve all necessary skills, such as aiming, shooting, movement, reflexing, etc. You can improve these skills by learning from experience and engaging in more combat. Many players only hide and avoid combat to survive until the end of the match.

Have Good Game Sense
Have A Good Game Sense To Reflex Quickly And Make Quick Solution.

For example, many players will land in low-risk locations, try to avoid early combat, loot some supplies, and get into the safe zone. Moreover, those players will find a safe corner to hide until the end of the match to get survival points and rank points. It's because PUBG Mobile players will get more conqueror PUBG mobile points when getting into the top last 10 players of the match.

Improve All Skills
Improve All Skills To Get Ready For Every Panic Situation.

However, it's not a good tactic because there is no totally safe place or route in this game. You can suddenly encounter enemies in an unexpected route. It would be a deadly situation if you have bad skills and cannot finish the enemy. Therefore, you need to improve your skills for any instant situation. It's a better way to rank up steadily and quickly.

#2. Play Safely

You will lose lots of PUBG Mobile conqueror points if you die soon. Many players engage too early and are killed when they are not totally ready for combat. Therefore, you should play safe if you want to push rank steadily. If you have good skills, you can land in middle-risk locations. Or else, choose to land in some low-risk places to get ready first.

Play Safely
Play Safely And Have A Good Cover Before Engaging.

Don't choose high-risk places because you will have to engage early. Sometimes, you are forced to engage when you are not ready. Then, the chance to die soon is very high even when your skills are good.

#3. Always Play Miramar

This desert map is the largest classic map in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, you can gain enough PUBG conqueror points required soon if you perform well in all matches. This map is so large that you will rarely encounter enemies early unless you land in hot-drop locations.

Play Miramar
Miramar is the largest classic map in PUBG Mobile and the best map for rank-push.

Hence, players have more chance to gain higher survival points and rank points when other players die soon in early combat in crowded spots.

#4. Don't Loot While Prone

It's another important tip to get enough rank points for PUBG conqueror entry. You are not in a good pose to reflex and fire back when looting. For example, the enemy can kill you with a vehicle crash when you are prone to loot on the open ground. Or else, you need time to stand and fire back if enemies rush when you are looting.

Crouch To Loot
Crouch To Loot To Have Enough Time To React Or Evade Quickly When Getting Shot Or Hunted By Enemies.

#5. Push Rank Early

Don't wait to push in the middle of the season. You should start to push rank early. It's because you will meet more bots and noobs when your rank is low. Then, pro players can get more kills and survival points to push rank. If you don't want to help those pro players reach Conqueror soon, improve your skills and try to kill them.

Push Rank Early
You should start to push rank early to reach the Conqueror tier soon.

Moreover, there are only 500 players of each server who collect enough PUBG Mobile ace to conqueror points can get this tier. Therefore, if you do not push rank early, you cannot reach the Conqueror tier even when you get enough PUBG conqueror rank points required.

#6. Loot More Consumables

The survival point is one of the most important rank points in this game. The longer you can survive in each match, the sooner you collect enough conqueror points in PUBG Mobile. Thus, spend some space in your backpack for heal items, such as bandages, first-aid kits, med-kits, pain killers, etc.

Heal When Needed
You should use consumables to heal HP and get ready for the next combat.

These heal items will restore your HP when you get damage from enemies' attacks or blue zones. Moreover, you should use consumables to heal HP and get ready for the next combat. Don't engage when your HP is low.

#7. Teamwork

Teamwork is also an important skill to push rank and get PUBG conqueror tier soon. In squad mode, teamwork and communication are key elements to get Chicken Dinner. Do you think that you can always do clutches and use the solo skills you deal with enemies from four different directions? Even pro players are not totally confident to do clutches frequently in this game.

Create A Dream Team
Create A Dream Team And Play With Your Permanent Team.

If you encounter a team of noobs, you can eliminate them with good skills and proper tactics. However, it's much harder if you encounter a team of pro players.

#8. Always Focus On Chicken Dinner

The more Chicken Dinners you get, the more rank points you can collect to be qualified for the PUBG conqueror tier. Therefore, PUBG Mobile players need to use all their best skills, tactics, strategies, and tips to win.

Those are the top 8 tips to collect enough PUBG conqueror points quickly. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.