Erangel is the iconic map in PUBG Mobile with many famous locations and wonders of the game, such as Pochinki, Georgopol, Mylta Power, etc. Here are the five best landing spots on this map after the update.

#1. School

This is a rich place to loot in PUBG Mobile Erangel with many high buildings. It includes a lot of weapons, from melee weapons, pistols, to primary and secondary weapons. You can also find enough consumables and attachments to get ready for fierce combat in this game. Moreover, the structure of these buildings makes this spot a good place to defend.

School In Erangel
School is often a mid-risk spot.

#2. Crater

This is a new ideal landing spot on this map that not many players know. Therefore, it's a good place for those who want to play safely. You will have a good start in Crater where you can loot enough decent weapons and supplies without having to engage in early combat.

Crater Pubg Mobile
Erangel's Crater is often an underrated place.

#3. Stalber

It's also a nice place for a safe beginning on this map. This compound is located on a plain. It's not as rich as School and other big cities on this island. However, you will still get enough supplies to get ready for combat. There are many open houses in this compound but not many players choose to land here.

Not many players land in Stalber.

#4. Georgopol

It's often one of the best landing places on the Erangel map. This large city has a lot of high-rise apartments and a lot of good loots. However, it's also a hot-drop location where about two to three teams land there. Therefore, you should land in the warehouse to loot and defend. If you land on containers, you may get shot from many directions.

Georgopol is often a hot-drop location.

#5. Prison

Many veterans in PUBG Mobile often choose Prison to land. It's not as rich as other places, but this location has some warehouses and buildings for you to loot safely. Prison is a nice landing spot if you don't want to stay safe at the beginning of the match.