PUBG Mobile close combat tips are very important for both veterans and rookies. Moreover, squad fraggers and scouts also need to improve and master these close combat skills. Check them out here with

PUBG Mobile Close Combat Best Weapons

SMGs, LMGs, and ARs are the best weapons for close-range combat. To choose the best weapon for close fights in PUBG Mobile, you need to understand the features of all those weapons. PUBG Mobile players should choose the weapon with high base damage, stability, and rate of fire. Besides, the ammo capacity is also an important factor that you should take into consideration. Here are some best weapons for close-range combat in this shooting game.

Close Combat
Master all close combat tips to survive longer and win more games.
  • Micro UZI

It is the most steady weapon which has very low recoil. Moreover, UZI has the highest rate of fire. This SMG is designed for close-range combat with short effective range. Another disadvantage of this SMG is the small ammo capacity. Its mag size can be extended from 25 to 35 when you attach an extended mag to UZI.

Uzi For Close Combat
UZI Is Very Suitable For Close Combat.
  • M249

This rare LMG is also one of the best choices for close fights. Its ammo capacity is up to 100, so you can finish an enemy team with a full ammo clip. Moreover, M249 also has a very high rate of fire, so its DPS point is also high. However, this weapon is rare.

M249 Clutch
You can do a clutch with M249.
  • DBS

DBS is the most powerful shotgun in PUBG Mobile. It also has the largest ammo capacity among shotguns which is 14. Therefore, you can also do a clutch when you master this shotgun. Besides, we all know that shotgun damage is very high. You can knock down an enemy with one accurate shot.

Power Of Dbs
DBS is very powerful in close fights.
  • DP-28

This is another LMG with a large ammo capacity of 47 and high steadiness. Its base damage is also high although the rate of fire is not as high as M249. DP-28 uses 7.62mm ammo, so it has a great damage point due to the high bullet penetration of this bullet type.

Dp 28 Close Fight
DP-28 Is Also Ideal For Close Fights
  • M416 & AUG A3

This AR is one of the most favorite rifles in PUBG Mobile in close fights. This weapon has all important factors of an ideal close-range weapon, such as high damage, high rate of fire, good stability, steadiness, and bullet clip. AUG A3 is pretty similar to M416 but it only appears in the airdrop. This rare AR is also a great choice for close fights.

Aug A3
AUG  A3 is very reliable.
  • Groza

Most PUBG Mobile pro players will choose to use this AR if they can loot it in the airdrop. It's the most stable and powerful 7.62 assault rifle in this game. Moreover, its rate of fire is also impressive. Groza is often more silent than other 7.62 rifles, especially when you attach a suppressor to this AR.

Best PUBG Mobile Close Combat Attachments

This shooting game also has many weapon attachments to boost the power of guns, including muzzle, grip, scope, and magazine. Many weapons do not have all these attachment slots while some others have more than these common attachments. Check out the best attachments for close fights in this shooting game.

The compensator is the best muzzle for ARs in close fights.
  • Muzzle: Compensator is often the best muzzle for spraying bullets in close-range combat. Many players often use ARs to deal with close fights.
  • Grip: Vertical grip is better for close fights. It helps reduce the vertical recoil of ARs and SMGs and makes bullets concentrate to the target, even when you hip-fire.
  • Magazine: The best magazine is always the quick-draw extended mag. Or else, you should use an extended mag instead of a quick-draw mag.
  • Scope: If you are not good at hip-fire, the red dot is the best scope for ADS in close fights.
Attachments Make The Gun Better
Attachments Make The Gun Better.

Must-know PUBG Mobile Close Combat Tips

Apart from gears, you also need to master these pro tips for close-range combat in this battle royale game. You can practice and master these skills in TDM mode. The gun game in Library is also a good game mode to master close combat with all weapons, from pistols, SMGS, ARs, to SRs, DMRs, and melee weapons.

  • Crosshair Placement

When you move or camp, crosshair placement is very important to end the opponents quickly. If you use a shotgun or SR, keep the crosshair at the head level to knock the target with a headshot quickly. If you use SMGs, put the crosshair at the chest level so that all bullets will hit the enemy's chest and head. As the recoil of ARs is higher than that of SMGs, you should place the crosshair a pretty lower.

Place The Crosshair Properly
Place The Crosshair Properly When Using Different Weapons.
  • Movement

It can be a deadly mistake if you stand still and fire. Instead, pro players will keep moving, jumping, and dropping bullets to dodge bullets. You should move left and right continually, jump to avoid getting headshot when rushing PUBG Mobile campers or tap the prone button to drop bullets when suddenly encountering enemies.

Jiggle Movement Tips
Learn to move like a pro player.
  • Reflex

You should also improve your reflexes in close-range combat. Always keep your finger or thumb near the fire button and get ready to fire. Sometimes, you may encounter enemies suddenly in compounds. Quick reflex will help you survive in those panic situations. Besides, step back when spraying bullets in close fights with ARs so that you won't aim the enemy's foot.

These are the best PUBG Mobile close combat tips that you should know. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.