PUBG Mobile ranked mode is the most attractive and exciting game mode in this game. Your achievements and career will be calculated and ranked. Here are some must-know tips to win ranked matches in this game.

#1. Choose A Proper Map To Play

The first tip to win every ranked match and rank up fast in PUBG Mobile is choosing the right map. Erangel and Miramar are the two best maps to rank up quickly in this shooting game. These two maps have more bots for you to get more kills. Besides, you can survive for a longer time on these large maps. In addition, you should understand these maps and all routes and corners on the map to survive and play better.

Pubg Mobile Erangel
Erangel is the best map to rank up quickly.

#2. Be Conscious

You should always be conscious of all gunshots and fights around during the match. The mini-map will show players the footstep and gunshot sound of enemies around you when they are near. Besides, always check out the ammo you have and loot more bullets if you are nearly out of bullets. Always use the minimap to check out the location of enemies around.

Always Looks Around
Always Looks Around And Check The Minimap.

#3. Look For Supplies

The better supplies you have, the more chance to win you get. Players should loot enough supplies to survive and fight off opponents, such as a vest, helmet, first-aid kits, bandages, smoke grenades, frag grenades, painkillers, energy drinks, etc. Therefore, you will need a high-quality backpack. The most high-tier supplies are spawned in the airdrop.

Looting In Pubg Mobile
Loot rare high-tier supplies to win.

#4. Improve Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the most important factors to win squad ranked mode. You should stick to your team and support each other when you need. Besides, your team will have more chances to win when co-operating well in house rushing, house camping, and team combat.

#5. Practice Makes Perfect

Only by practicing can you improve all skills, such as aiming, shooting, recoil controlling, driving, etc. Those skills are very important to win in the ranked mode of PUBG Mobile. You can practice short-range combat skills in TDM mode. Then, PUBG Mobile players can go to the training ground to practice other skills and long-range combat.

Practice More
Practice More To Master All Skills.