Compensator, suppressor, and flash hider are the three oldest and most popular muzzles in PUBG Mobile. This game has a new muzzle called barrel extender with a different purpose. Which one is the best muzzle in 2021? Just compare.

PUBG Mobile All Muzzles In 2021

Compensator, suppressor, and flash hider are still the most favorite gun muzzles in this game. Barrel Extender is a new arrival in this collection. Each muzzle has a unique purpose. In specific, the choke is the best muzzle for shotguns in this game that helps reduce the pellet spread to make the damage per hit higher.

Compensator For Ar
Choose The Compensator For ARs with great recoils, such as Beryl M762.

In addition, the compensator acts to compensate the gun recoil of your weapon when you fire. This game has different types of compensators for almost all weapon categories, such as AR, SMG, SR, and pistol. This attachment helps you pray bullets with higher steadiness.

The suppressor limits the sound of the gunshot.

The flash hider helps limit the flash of guns when you fire. Then, the enemies can hardly spot and locate you from a long distance. It's because we can easily see other players in long-range combat by the muzzle flash. Besides, this muzzle also makes the gun more stable and steady.

Flash Hider Reduces Gun Flash
The flash hider helps limit the flash of guns.

While the flash hider limits the visual clue, the suppressor will limit the audio clue. It helps reduce the sound of the gunshot. So, it's harder for opponents to locate the gunshot on both the map and minimap. Therefore, you won't reveal your position when firing. However, this attachment does not mute your gun completely.

Choke muzzle pubg mobile
The choke is the best muzzle for shotguns.

The barrel extender helps preserve the damage of the bullets although the target is pretty far from you. Bullet drop is always a big problem for long-range combat because you cannot knock down the enemy with distance although you aim and shoot accurately. The barrel extender can help reduce the bullet drop.

Best Muzzle In PUBG Mobile After Update

Because the suppressor does not help reduce the recoil, it's not a favorite muzzle of fragger and aggressive players. It's more preferred by defensive players and snipers. SR suppressor is always one of the most wanted attachments in this game.

Suppressor Snipers Pubg Mobile
Suppressor for Snipers is one of the most preferred attachments.

The compensator is the best choice for aggressive players, especially in short-range combat. Therefore, it's the best PUBG Mobile muzzle for squad tankers and scouts. Compensator will be a good attachment for 7.62 ARs, such as AKM and Beryl M762.

Flash Hider For Stable Ars
Pro players prefer to use the flash hider.

In mid-range sniping and mid-range spray, you should attach a flash hider. It helps reduce the vertical recoil slightly and hide your position. Therefore, it's the best choice if you use stable guns, such as SMGs, 5.56 ARs, and some DMRs. Moreover, many skilled players often keep a flash hider in their backpacks to use in mid-range combat and foggy weather.

A barrel extender is the best choice for over-long-range combat. For example, you use the universal marker to locate the enemy and determine the distance between you and him. If the target is 800m away from you or above, you should use a barrel extender to preserve the damage per hit of your SR.