The shotgun is an OP weapon category in PUBG Mobile. You can send the enemy to the lobby in one shot only when you know how to use those weapons. Check out these tips to use shotguns here.

PUBG Mobile Shotgun Pro Tips

It's pretty easy to use shotguns in PUBG Mobile. When you see an enemy, drag the crosshair to the target and tap the fire button. It's pretty more difficult if the target is moving. Besides, you can be killed once you miss one bullet and let the enemy fire back.

Practice It In Tdm Mode
Practice Shotgun Skills In The TDM Mode.

You should use some shotgun with a large ammo capacity, such as S12K, DBS, and the new M1014. If you miss the target in one to two first shots, you can continue to tap the fire button to kill the enemy without stopping to reload ammo.

Timing Skill Is Also Important
Timing Skill Is Also Important.

Like sniper rifles, shotguns also require you to have a better aiming skill. You can improve this skill by practicing in the TDM mode with all shotguns. In addition, you need to tap the fire button at the right time. Therefore, the timing skill is also important. If you fire too slowly and allow the enemy to fire first, you may get killed.

Miss Shots
You may be killed if you miss one or two first bullets.

Or else, if you tap the fire button too early when the crosshair hasn't put at the target, you will definitely miss the shot. If you miss the first bullet, you need to reload ammo. To survive in this panic situation, players should keep moving and jumping to dodge the enemy's bullets and have another chance to fire.

Drag The Crosshair
Drag The Crosshair And Tap The Fire Button.

However, the TMD mode and classic mode are very different. Therefore, you should practice it and improve shotgun skills in classic matches, too. Besides, the shotgun shoot nine pellets per shot. Therefore, you sometimes need to kill the targets with two or three shots if all nine pellets do not hit the enemy.

Best Place To Shoot
You should shoot the enemy at the head and chest.

The best place to aim is the head and chest. The choke will help release the pellet spread for shotguns. The duckbill only reduces the horizontal spread and increases the vertical spread. Moreover, you can attach an AR compensator for the shotgun SK12.