PUBG Mobile has introduced the Power Armor mode with new gameplay and features. Here are some latest Power Armor tips and other combat tips for PUBG Mobile players.

#1. Unlimited Flying Boost

The new Power Armor mode introduces a new high-tech armor. This armor helps you fly thanks to an engine. However, you can fly in a limited time. Then, you need to wait for a few seconds of CD time before the next time of flying. But you can fly unlimitedly when putting off the Power Leg. Then, it takes no time to regenerate the energy for the next flight.

Put Off The Armor Leg
Put Off The Armor Leg For Unlimited Flying.

#2. Locate The Airdrop

You can determine the location of the airdrop by using the Universal Marker. When you hear the sound of the plane and see the airdrop in the sky, you need to open a large scope and aim the airdrop. Then, open the Universal Marker and select the option Danger Ahead. It will show you the exact location of the airdrop, even when it's far away from you.

Universal Marker
Use The Universal Marker To Locate The Airdrop

#3. Don't Engage Too Early

You shouldn't engage when the target is near the cover because he can hide when you shoot. If you spot the enemy nearby a rock, tree, or wall, don't shoot right away or reveal your position. You should sit still or stand still and determine the location of other enemies around, especially in duo and squad modes. Moreover, don't engage when you are far from the cover because your enemy may shoot back.

Dont Engage Without Cover
Don't Engage Too Early And Stay Close To Cover.

#4. Time To Shoot

You should fire when the enemy is away from the cover. Wait until he comes out of his cover completely and half-way through, especially when you use ARs to spray. If you use DMR or sniper, you also need to wait for the enemy to go out and finish him in a couple of shots.

Dont Engage Too Early
Shoot when the enemy is far away from the cover.

#5. Wall Jump

When you and the enemy are separated by a wall, don't jump and climb through the wall. The enemy can shoot you down when you are on the wall. Therefore, players should jump and shoot through the wall. To jump but not climb, you shouldn't face the wall when you jump. Stand beside the wall and face the perpendicular of the wall and jump.