A close-range fight in PUBG Mobile is often a panic situation that only the winner can stay alive. Here are the best tactics for the five most common close-range fights in this game.

Door-to-door Close Combat

Door-to-door combat is one of the most common panic situations in PUBG Mobile. When there is a doot in between you and your enemies, there are two solutions: either you rush inside or you wait until the enemies rush outside.

Close Range Fight
Door-to-door combat is very common in PUBG Mobile.

The first idea is more risky, especial in duo and squad modes. Therefore, the tactic is focusing on the door and wait until the enemies rush. Keep the crosshair at the head level and place your finger near the fire button so that you can headshot instantly when the enemies rush.

Before combat, check out the durability of your armor vest and helmet. Then, check out the location of the enemies. Then, choose a position to camp until the enemies rush outside or inside. If you rush first, always jump when going through the door so that the opponent cannot headshot.

Wall-to-wall Fight

When you and your enemies are hiding behind two wall corners, you have three things to do. You can either attack the enemies first or wait for him to rush or run away from that corner. In this case, you need to use the bullet drop and Chinese stand tactics to dodge the enemy's shots. Besides, pre-fire if you want to attack first to deal with the enemy who pre-aim to shoot you.

Wall To Wall Fight
There are three ways to deal with this wall-to-wall fight.

Window Fight

Another common close fight situation in PUBG Mobile is the window fight. However, it's less common than the two previous situations. Firstly, you shouldn't stay too close to the window when you are pre-firing because the bullets may hit the walls and window flame instead of hitting the enemies. Besides, you should switch to FPP mode so that your body will not block your vision. In addition, the bullets will go more accurately than in TPP mode.

Window Fight
You shouldn't stay too close to the window in window fights.

Open Fight

When you encounter enemies in an open area without any cover, reflexes and movements are very important. If you fire before the opponent, you will have more chances to win the combat. In addition, you have to move left and right to dodge the bullets. If it's too hard for you to do jiggle movements, you can move left in about 2 - 3 seconds and then change the direction to surprise enemies. You only need to keep moving to dodge bullets.

Use Jiggle Movements To Dodge Bullets
Use Jiggle Movements To Dodge Bullets And Pre-Fire In Open Fights.

Broken Wall Fight

There are a lot of broken walls in all PUBG Mobile maps. It's both a good cover and a good place for attacking. All you need to do is jumping to shoot through those broken walls. First, you need to enable the option of Jump/Climb in the basic setting. Then, increase the size of the climb and jump buttons in the layout setting. Next, practice how to jump and shoot to prepare for broken wall fights. However, you don't need to jump if the wall is too low. Just aim and fire directly.

Broken Wall
There are a lot of broken walls in all PUBG Mobile maps.