FAU-G game has been released today, but it seems to leave a lot of players disappointed due to its poor content. Therefore, many players still want to play PUBG Mobile. Here're things you need to know about PUBG Mobile KR update 2021. Check it out here with Gurugamer.com.

PUBG Mobile KR Update 2021 Season 17 Details

PUBG Mobile Season 17 has arrived a few days ago with a lot of new features. The latest update introduced some new game modes, weapons, and more entertainment activities in the Cheer Park. Here are many new features in PUBG Mobile's new update season 17 in the Korean version.

New Runic Power Mode

The latest update of the PUBG Mobile Korean version has a new Runic Power mode. Like the global version, the Runic Power mode in this game version also introduced three new runes: ice rune, wind rune, and flame rune. When selecting the rune and obtain the power, you can use two energies for defending and attacking.

Pubg Mobile Kr Runic Power
PUBG Mobile KR version also had a new Runic Power Mode.
  • Wind Power boosts your speed and bullet speed. You can also create a wind shelter to defend from enemies from all directions.
  • Flame Power boosts the damage per hit with scorching ammo. This flame rune also creates a magma wheel to protect yourself and cause damage to enemies it hits.
  • Arctic Rune boosts the damage per hit with freezing ammo. Besides, it helps make an ice wall made of nine ice blocks to defend. Or else, you can step on the wall to climb to higher places.
Ice Wall
It's an event mode that takes place on the map Erangel.

It's activated in the mode selection. Choose the Erangel map and activate this game mode to play it. You also need runic crystals to activate the power. These runic crystals are available to loot on the map.


This assault rifle is a new exclusive gun on the map Livik. It uses 5.56mm ammo. This new gun only appears on the map Livik. Its mag size is 10-bullet smaller than other assault rifles. Its mag size is only 25 to 35 bullets.

There is a new gun - FAMAS available in Livik only.

Moreover, it's also the least stable 5.56 AR with great horizontal and vertical recoil. However, FAMAS has a pair of bipods to make it more stable and easier to control when you shoot in the prone pose. It's a powerful gun for close-range combat due to its high rate of fire and damage per second (DPS).

Famas Details
It also uses 5.56mm ammo.

New Royale Pass

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 17 has a totally different interface and more rewards. However, the price of Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus in this PUBG Mobile KR update 2021 stays the same. Moreover, there are a lot of cool and luxurious RP bundles you can obtain from the prize pool. There are many other updates, such as adjusted SRs and reload cancel feature.

More Rp Points
You have more chances to get more RP points to obtain special RP rewards.

Upcoming Features In PUBG Mobile KR Update 2021

Metro Royale Season 2

Metro Royale Season 1 has ended at the end of season 16. In the new update, the game developer introduced Metro Royale Season 2 with a lot of rewards. Moreover, there is a new solo mode in Metro Royale Season 2 (Metro Royale: Honor).

Metro Royale Solo Mode
Metro Royale will have Solo Mode soon.

In the previous season, you have to team up with other players to make a squad and go to complete missions. However, in this season, you can do it alone in solo mode. This new mode will be available soon when you get additional updates during season 17.

New Power Armor Mode

This new game mode will be introduced in the upcoming time. It will take part on the map Livik. This new Power Armor Mode introduced a new powerful high-tech armor set with special skills and uses. It will be available to select in the EvoGround mode.

Power Armor Mode
The new Power Armor Mode will be available soon.

You will drop on the map Livik and also fight for survival like in the classic mode. However, there will be more powerful weapons and armor. Unlike the classic Livik in the Battle Royale mode, this EvoGround Livik will have flare guns and special supply crates. There are some camps with powerful gears where you can get the Power Armor.

New Cheer Park Decoration And Partner Activity

The Cheer Park will look more stunning and attractive with a new theme decoration - Partner In Crime. It's a nice place for couples to visit, take some photos, and enjoy a romantic atmosphere in the Love Balloon in the sky. You also see a giant bunny doll on the island and a Partner Matching Machine. Besides, there is a new wooden bridge leading to the island.

A New Cheer Park
A New Cheer Park with Partner In Crime Theme

PUBG Mobile KR Update 2021 TapTap

The PUBG Mobile KR update 2021 size on TapTap is 1.36 GB. You can download the latest version 1.2 of PUBG Mobile KR on this website. There are three options for users to download that game: from Korean App Store, Korean Google Play Store, and APK version on TapTap. Gamers from Korea can choose one of three options.

Adjusted Srs
To download PUBG Mobile KR 1.2, you have to fake the IP address first.

However, if you are not in Korea, you have to download TapTap first to get the latest PUBG Mobile KR update 2021 and play it on TapTap. In addition, those foreign players have to download Kiwi VPN to fake the IP address to access this Korean game store, get the game, and play it on the KRJP server.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile KR update 2021. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and reviews for gamers, let's visit our website.