FAU-G (The Fearless and United Guards) is claimed to be the PUBG Mobile killer game in India that will replace PUBG Mobile in this country. It's coming soon and letting players pre-register it. Today, it has got over 40 lakh pre-registrations on Google Play Store. It's said to come today, Jan 26th.

PUBG Mobile Killer Game - FAU-G Is Coming Today

This Indian action game is coming soon. It makes a lot of gamers excited. It has been available to pre-register on Google Play Store for two months. Today, the pre-registration count reaches 40 lakh. This game will also be released today, Jan 26th, 2021.

Fau G Game
Fau-G Game Is Coming Today

Vishal Gondal, the co-founder, and chairman of nCore Games revealed that this game targets mid and high-end devices. Then, they will produce a version for low-end devices. Gondal expected that the pre-registration count would reach 50 lakh. If it reaches that number of pre-registrations, FAU-G will be the most-registered game in India up to now.

It Is A Game Made In India
It Is A Mobile Action Game Made In India

A lot of gamers are anticipating seeing this blockbuster this week. They also expect that FAU-G will be as good as what the game developers announced before. The gamer community in India hopes that it will be a worth-waiting replacement for PUBG Mobile in this nation.

It Features The Guardian War Of Indian Soldiers
It Features The Guardian War Of Indian Soldiers

This game is also made in India. So, Indian players can easily download it from Google Play Store and play this game. Moreover, it's easier to get updates quickly. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this Indian game features the guardian war of Indian soldiers. Therefore, Indian gamers will understand the sacrifice of those soldiers. It's also the main purpose of the game developers.

It Targets Mid And High End Phones
It Targets Mid And High-End Phones

This Indian game got over 40 lakh pre-registration and became one of the hottest games in this country before its release date. Just wait to download and enjoy it then. Check out the notification of Google Play Store and get the game today.