Fauji game map has not been released yet. However, the trailer of this game leaked some looks of this new map. It makes a lot of gamers excited and highly anticipated. Check out the latest looks of this map released in the game trailer here with Gurugamer.com.

Fauji Game Map Details

Fauji hasn't come to mobile gamers in India yet. The game publisher also announced that the game would be released this November. It means that you can play and experience this new shooting game in a few days or a couple of weeks. It game will replace PUBG Mobile which was completely banned in India.

Fauji Map Tankers
nCORE GAME released a trailer of the Fauji game and some leaks of the new map.

According to the developers, the Fauji game is not a clone of PUBG Mobile. The game hasn't been launched yet, so we haven't had any experience. However, the gameplay is not very different from that of PUBG Mobile. The developers of the nCORE Game also claimed that the spirit of the game is fighting for the homeland.

The New Map Contains 4 Big Islands
It seems that the Fauji map will have four big islands.

The game owner also released some trailers of this game which also leaks some first images of the map. It seems that the Fauji game map also has some similar features and territories to some maps in PUBG Mobile. It will be a large map with different weather and terrain. You can see some mountainous areas, snowy lands, forests, large plains, etc.

High Mountains And Military Base
The trailer revealed some looks of the new map with some familiar and also unique details in comparison with PUBG Mobile maps.

Explore The Map Of Fauji Game

The map of this new shooting game will feature a part of the border of Bharat where fearless guards fight for their duty and homeland. Besides, there are many compounds and functional construction that you might have seen in PUBG Mobile, such as warehouses, military bases, abandoned cities, and towns, etc.

Fauji Map Beach
Fauji Map Also Has Some Small Fishing Villages On The Beach Like In Sanhok.

There are some iced snowy mountains like the map Vikendi in PUBG Mobile. Besides, you also traverse through pine woods in that cold land and climb up high mountains. Moreover, according to the latest Fauji game map trailer of nCORE Game, this large map of the Fauji game is combined by four large islands. It's pretty similar to the overall map of PUBG Mobile before the coming of Livik.

Fauji Map Border Land
This map of the new Indian shooting game also features a borderland between Bharat and the neighboring country.

Besides, the trailer also revealed many landscapes of this new map. There are some fishing villages on the coastal line like PUBG Mobile Sanhok with coconut forests and grassland. In addition, a part of this map is a deserted mountainous area. You only see yellow-brown patches of land with very few plants. Furthermore, former PUBG Mobile players will realize some familiar landscapes in Sanhok and Erangel, such as dense green forests and big abandoned cities.

Snow Land On Fauji Map
You will also traverse through snowy pine forests and iced mountains like in PUBG Mobile Vikendi.

In conclusion, the Fauji map has a lot of familiar landscapes, terrain, and features of PUBG Mobile maps. However, it still has many unique designs. The game developers built small Eastern houses and wooden bridges instead of all cemented constructions in PUBG Mobile. It makes these houses and structures look more familiar to Indian players.

Main Features On Fauji Map

The trailer cannot reveal all the features on this map. However, you can still spot some main vehicles and weapons that may appear in the upcoming game. Tankers and helicopters appear everywhere on this map. Moreover, you also see a fighter aircraft in the trailer video parked inside a hidden garage that looks really cool and powerful.

Fauji Map Helicopters
From the beginning to the end of the trailer, you will see a lot of helicopters flying in the Bharat sky.

This vehicle will be pretty OP if it really comes to this game. Therefore, the developers add some heavy weapons to this game. Besides, there are some other vehicles, such as armored boats and trucks like in PUBG Mobile. The map designers are also working hard to bring you the most realistic and stunning map.

Fauji Map Fighter Aircraft Garage
There might be some fighter jets in some secret garages on the map. It will be a powerful vehicle that you cannot experience in PUBG Mobile.

They added some railways running through green forests, many marshes, and lakes. Every smallest detail is also created carefully to make it look vivid and realistic so that you will have the best gaming experience.

Fauji Map Heavy Weapons
This game may feature some heavy weapons to let players take down OP vehicles like tankers and fighter jets.

They tried to bring players a great map with the greatest light effects, contrasts, reflexes, colors, etc. The location of small stones and the curves of the routes are also calculated carefully. In short, they invest a lot of time and the greatest concentration in making this map.

Fauji Game Map Photo

Let's take a look at some pics of the Fauji map taken from the trailer. This map will be released this month if the game is launched as scheduled.

A Place On Fauji Map
This is a cape on the Fauji map.
Aircraft Fight
Players will fight as Bharat soldiers to protect their homeland.
Different Looks
The map contains many islands and long beaches.
Different Structures
The developers also add some Asian structures, such as brick houses and wooden bridges.
Different Vehicles
Besides, this new game also has many different features.
Fauji Map Fighter Aircraft
This can be the new vehicle in the Fauji game.
Lands In Peace
The map designers want to make the most realistic and stunning map.
Lands In War
They calculated carefully to make every single detail look the best.
Fauji Map Snow Land
For example, you can even spot the footprints on the snow.

Those are some looks of the upcoming Fauji game maps that you may experience in the upcoming time. This game will arrive soon. To update the latest Fauji game news as well as more tips, tricks, and reviews for gamers, let's visit our website.