Being one of the most anticipated games in India in 2021, FAU-G finally came to light yesterday January 26th. However, it seems like the game which is said to be the top competitor of PUBG Mobile doesn’t live up to our expectations. Check out the FAU-G game review to see if it’s worth it for this game to take more than 600MB in your device storage!

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Fauji game first look is quite impressive, however, is it as good as we expect?

FAU-G Game Review: Story

Rating: 3.5/5

While many people keep putting PUBG Mobile and FAU-G (Fauji Game) into comparison, there is one thing to note is that the Indian-made game is not a battle royal game like PUBGM or Free Fire. The game follows a different concept and storyline which are quite easy to take on.

Revolving around the story of the Indian national army in protecting the country from enemies, the Fauiji game offers 3 game modes including Campaign, Team Deathmatch and Free For All with the two later are unavailable at the moment.

In the Campaign mode which relives the Galway Valley event, the player will take on the role of an isolated soldier called Captain Dhillon. You need to fight against piles of dummies to complete missions and come back to the team.

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FAU-G Game Review: Graphics

Rating: 4/5

As this is only the first version of the game, we don't want to keep the criticism too strict. In comparison to the first version of big games like PUBG Mobile or Call Of Duty, Fauji Game graphics quality is at the average level. While the low-quality level makes the game blurry, the medium and high-quality graphics of the game is highly appreciated. However, this is not much difference between the two graphics levels.

Anyway, it seems like nCORE game should put extra effort in improving the graphic quality in later versions.

First Gameplay Of Fau G Mobile Fau G Game 4 2 Scr

FAU-G Game Review: Gameplay

Rating: 2/5

While the graphics and the storyline sound impressive at first, the real FAU-G gameplay might leave you a bit disappointed. The game is mainly about melee combat instead of gun fights. It can be still interesting if the game developer keeps it on the right track. However, the competitiveness is rather poor that enemies are none other than dummy bots who do not even know how to hit you back. With no IA included, it’s effortless to take down the enemies even when you’re attacked by 3 or 4 of them.

Given the fact that both the protagonist and villains keep saying random and meaningless things during the fight, the gameplay is far from being a true entertaining game for pro players.

Meanwhile, the game settings only allow players to adjust some basic features like Audio or Graphics level. There are just two sensitivity parameters to adjust and the difference that can be made is trivial.

Fau G Game


Overall rating: 3.2/5

After months of waiting, it can be said that the first version of the FAU-G game is a big disappointment. Despite decent storyline and graphics, the game features and gameplay are too boring to keep players on hooked for a long time. It seems like the game developer has been on the rush for the game release and didn’t have enough time to take it to a certain extent.

Hopefully, the two following episodes of the game will be improved. Although the potentiality is visible, at the moment, the FAU-G game is none other than a super noob game for players who desire to be the winner without putting in any effort.