PUBG Mobile is going to launch an exclusive server in Pakistan to deal with the high ping problem. It satisfied a lot of PUBG Mobile players in this country because they have been demanding a local server for over two years.

PUBG Mobile To Introduce Pakistan Exclusive Server

This battle royale game was banned in Pakistan last June. Then, players in this country have been playing this game on Singapore and Europe servers since it was unbanned. It causes a high ping problem which is very annoying for those gamers. Moreover, Pakistan gamers also reported that they experienced server issues.

Pakistan Exclusive Server Coming Soon
PUBG Mobile will introduce an exclusive server in Pakistan.

Moreover, PUBG Mobile is going to hold an esports tournament in this country. This high-ping problem can affect the result of the tournament. Therefore, this game publisher is going to introduce an exclusive server in this country. It will let players in Pakistan play PUBG Mobile with green ping.

Pakistan Pubg Mobile
It lets players in this region play this game with low ping.

PUBG Mobile Pakistan's official Instagram has announced this good news with the caption that "Pakistan Exclusive Server Coming Soon". It has got over 25k likes after it was posted yesterday. The news left a lot of players and fans of this battle royale game excited.

Pakistan Pubg Mobile Tournaments
Pakistan's authority recognized PUBG Mobile esports as an official sport.

The Federal Minister for Science and Technology of Pakistan announced that esports was also recognized as an official sport in this nation. Therefore, the game publisher can hold esports tournaments in this country legally.

Low Ping
It lets players play this game with low ping.

The first official event PMCO Spring 2021 in Pakistan has finished recently. PUBG Mobile developers are going to launch the exclusive server for players in this country to solve the ping problem they have been reporting. PUBG Mobile has five servers now, including an exclusive server that is KRJP for Korean and Japanese players.