SMG and AR are the two most popular weapon categories in PUBG Mobile. We often use them in close-range combat. However, which one is better? Just compare and pick up a better gun for close fights in this game.

SMGs VS ARs: Recoil & Damage

All SMGs are designed for close-range combat only. Meanwhile, ARs are designed in two types: one is better for close fights and the other is designed for mid-range combat. For example, there are some ARs that only features single and burst fire, such as M16A4, and Mutant Mk47. Besides, M16A4 and Mutant Mk47 have lower recoil than other full-auto ARs.

Micro Uzi
SMGs are powerful and steady.

First, comparing the recoil of all SMGs in PUBG Mobile, UZI has the lowest vertical recoil while Tommy gun has the highest recoil. PP-Bizon and Vector have the same recoil patterns. The vertical recoil of MP5K and UMP is a bit higher. Besides, MP5K has the largest horizontal recoil which is also prone to the right side.

Smg Vs Ar Recoil
SMGs have lower recoil than ARs.

In addition, the higher damage the gun has, the higher the vertical recoil is. For example, Micro UZI has the lowest damage per hit which is 26 only. Whereas, the damage point of Thompson is 42 that is the highest damage point in the SMG collection. However, these SMGs are still more steady than ARs.

SMGs are less powerful when the distance increases.

The base damage of all 5.56 ARs is 41, a bit lower than that of Thompson. However, most of these guns have similar vertical recoil as that SMG. G46C has the highest vertical recoil in this weapon type. But it's still lower than the vertical recoil of AKM and Beryl M762, two powerful 7.62 ARs with insane recoil.

M416 Mid Range Combat
Some ARs can be used in short distances of 10m to 20m, such as M416, Groza, and AUG A3.

The base damage of AKM and M762 is also higher. For example, AKM's base damage is 48, and M762's damage point is 46. Groza is the most stable and steady 7.62 assault rifle which equals that of M416 and AUG A3, the two most stable assault rifles in this shooting game. In short, SMGs have less recoil than ARs.

PUBG Mobile SMGs VS ARs: Accuracy & Firing Rate

SMGs also have higher hip-fire accuracy than ARs. It's due to the lower vertical recoil and smaller horizontal recoil of SMGs. Moreover, the bullet spread of SMGs when spraying without ADS is also smaller. It makes the bullet concentrate better. You can easily control the crosshair and keep it standstill at the target.

Bullet Spread
SMGs' bullet spread is smaller than ARs'.

Furthermore, the jump-shot accuracy of SMGs is also better. Then, you can jump down from the upstairs, surprise the opponents, and spray to take them down quickly. Therefore, SMG is a good choice for panic situations in close fights when hip-fire is the preferred choice. If you face the opponent in a short distance of five meters, you should use an SMG instead of an AR.

Smg Hip Fire
The hip-fire accuracy and jump-shot accuracy of SMGs are better.

Moreover, SMGs are lighter than ARs, so they also have faster movement speeds. Besides, you can also open scope faster in SMGs to deal with moving targets in a 10-meter distance. The faster rate of fire makes these SMGs more powerful within effective ranges. Micro UZI has the highest rate of fire that makes its DPS even higher than that of M416 and AKM.

Movement Speed
Grab an SMG to move faster than bringing an AR.

In short, SMG is a better choice for close-range combat because of these advantages. It's easier to kill the enemy with a headshot by SMGs than ARs. But 7.62 ARs deal more extra damage to heads than SMGs. Then, you can take down the enemy with only three or four accurate bullets to the head of the target.