Pro players in PUBG Mobile are not allowed to make mistakes. Here are five pro mistakes that can make you a noob in this game. Check them out to avoid.

#1. Peek When The Enemy Has An AWM

This is a deadly mistake in this shooting game because AWM is called the king of weapons in PUBG Mobile. He can knock you down in one shot only or even kill you in solo mode. If his shooting skill is good, you will die in one shot even when you wear a level-3 helmet.

Peek When Enemy Has Awm
Don't Peek When The Opponent Has An AWM.

#2. Engage In Two Fights At Once

Another deadly mistake that even pro players often commit is engaging in more than one fight at once. It will be harder to deal with many enemies from different directions. You may put yourself and be killed in a sandwich situation. Therefore, you should handle them one by one.

Dont Engage In Two Fights
Don't Engage In Two Fights

#3. Forget To Count Enemies

It's a common mistake of noobs and many pro players. You should count the enemies when doing a solo vs squad combat. Some pro players still lose the game when trying to finish the knocked enemy and letting the enemy's mate finish him. Therefore, don't try to confirm if the enemy's teammates are near.

#4. Use FPP When Playing TPP Mode

If you use FPP in TPP mode, you will have a huge disadvantage. It's because the players using TPP can check other corners and directions without having to peek. Therefore, TPP players will know whether they can be spotted or not while FPP players cannot.

Switch Between Tpp And Fpp
Switch Between TPP And FPP

#5. Pre-Fire In Smoke Without Spotting Enemies

You should listen to the foot-step sound of the enemies in the smoke. If you pre-fire in smoke, the opponents can dodge easily and fire back when the smoke dissolves. Many players die when spamming bullets into the smoke and revealing their positions.

Dont Prefire Into Smoke
Don't Pre-fire Into The Smoke