Sanhok is a special map in PUBG Mobile which has more trees and grasses than other maps. It has a unique tropical climate, so sometimes, it has rain and fog. Here are the top 5 landing spots on this map.

#1. Ruins

It's one of the best places to loot on Sanhok island. You can find a lot of level-2 supplies, high-tier weapons, consumables, bullets of all types, and attachments. Besides, the complex structure of Ruins makes it hard to rush.

Ruins Temple
Ruins is an abandoned Temple on this island with a complex structure and lots of good loots.

However, you need to understand this location and know all routes and corners in Ruins to defend when enemies rush. For example, the ground floor has a lot of good weapons and supplies. There are also two routes to rush or escape. But it's not a good place to camp if the enemies rush by grenades.

#2. Paradise Resort

This abandoned resort still retains its beautiful structures with a lot of Asian-style houses and buildings. Moreover, Paradise resort has a lot of level-2 and some level-3 items. You can also get one to two sets of level-3 supplies. Many pro players often shoot enemies from high roofs. It's pretty easy to get to these rooftops.

It's also a hot drop location. Sometimes, you may encounter one or two enemy teams in this resort. In addition, it's surrounded by high hills. Therefore, you should be careful when looting near the edge of this city.

Paradise Resort
Paradise Resort has a lot of Asian-style houses and buildings.

#3. Pai Nan

It's also a good place to start your game on Sanhok. This riverside city is divided into two parts on two sides of a small river. You can find a lot of decent weapons, such as Beryl M762, M24, Kar98k, AKM, M416, etc. in this city. Moreover, you can reach the rooftop of low houses on the riverbanks to combat and shoot enemies on the other side of the river.

Painan Sanhok
Pai Nan is a pretty riverside city on Sanhok with a small river flowing through.

#4. Cave

The Cave is also pretty rich in supplies. It's also a good place to defend because you have two ways to get out of this cave. But it can be a deadly mistake if you jump down from the top of the cave to the lake inside this cave. If you don't fall exactly into the water, you will die.

Secret Cave In Sanhok
The Cave is a secret place with lots of decent supplies.

#5. Bootcamp

This place is often full of enemies because Bootcamp is always one of the hottest drop locations on this island. It's located in the center of the map. Bootcamp is larger than other spots on Sanhok and has a wider view.

Bootcamp Is A Hot Drop Location
Bootcamp Is Often A Hot Drop Location

So, you can easily spot enemies when they are still on the parachute. Besides, this abandoned camp has a lot of good loots. For example, M24, M762, M416, Kar98k, etc. are scattered inside and outside houses and compounds in Bootcamp.