In a lot of nations, the international PUBG Mobile version is banned. And players from these areas often chose the PUBG Mobile KR version.

However, a recent announcement was made, saying that it would be inaccessible for those living outside Japan and Korea.

Pubg Mobile Kr
Check out the 5 best titles like the PUBG Mobile KR version on Android.

With this turn of events, games like PUBG Mobile KR are on the high search. Check out the most recommended alternatives for low-end devices.

1. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

To name the best games like PUBG Mobile KR, gamers might want to try Scarfall: The Royale Combat. Its matches will certainly bring about the vibes of the target game.

Scarfall The Royale Combat
This title has just a similar vibe to that of PUBG Mobile KR.

Its unique features also allow you to respawn up to three times and increase your shot at survival.

Moreover, gamers can take guns and scopes to shoot their opponents on the battlefield. One secondary weapon, as well as two main weapons, can also be utilized.

2. Free survival: fire battlegrounds

Like the upcoming prohibited title, this venture features realistic weapons that players can use to shoot opponents. What makes it a great choice to be the PUBG Mobile KR alternative is easy controls and good graphics.

Free Survival Fire Battlegrounds
The game is suitable for low-end Android devices.

It does consume less storage space and works with no Internet connection. In fact, you can pick story mode to play offline.

3. Offline Fire: Free Battle Royale & Shooting games

This Battle Royale game offers a futuristic background. It has a variety of skins which you can use to change your characters’ appearances.

Offline Fire Free Battle Royale Shooting Games
This game has many modes and various skins for gamers to try on.

As one of the games like PUBG Mobile KR, it also owns a decent collection of weapons. Besides Battle Royale battles, the game has others modes for you to try.

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4. Polar Survival

Shooting and survival are the primary themes in this game. Although the title needs improvement in specific areas, gamers with low device requirements would also enjoy it.

Polar Survival
Polar Survival is also considered one of the best games like PUBG Mobile KR for low-end Android devices.

Thrilling army survival modes are what makes Polar Survival worth an attempt. Players are able if enjoy snipping the enemies like what they can do in PUBG Mobile KR.

5. Desert Battlegrounds

The tactical shooter title will remind you of PUBG Mobile KR’s Miramar map. Desert Battlegrounds’ core theme is ultimate survival.

Desert Battlegrounds
It looks the same as the Miramar map and offers a great experience, too.

Gamers need to choose essential supplies such as energy drinks, bandages,… Moreover, powerful weapons are required for the players to trounce opponents.

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