The Clash Squad mode is among the most famous arcade modes in Garena Free Fire. It also has intense and fast-paced combat.

Before getting to play a match in Clash Squad mode, gamers can pick a character who has special abilities. With the suitable characters and the significant advantage they give on the battleground, you can beat your opponents easily.

Top 5 Clash Squad Mode Characters
Which is the best character to use in Clash Squad mode as of April 2021?

This article shows some of the best characters one can use in Clash Squad mode in Free Fire as of April 2021.

1. DJ Alok

This character has Drop The Beat, which is a spry ability. At the best level, DJ Alok’s ability generates a five-mater aura which enhances ally movement speed by 10%. It also restores 5 HP per second for five seconds.

Dj Alok
DJ Alok is a popular character in Free Fire.

Meanwhile, at the highest level, the ability will increase 15% for ally movement and reinstate 5HP per second for ten seconds.

2. Jota

One of the best characters in Clash Squad Mode is Jota, a stuntman and parkour expert. According to his in-game description, he also has Sustain Raids which is a passive ability.

Jotal will also be a great choice for players.

It quickly re-imposes 25HP with each Shotgun kill or SMG at the base level. Its cooldown time is five seconds.

Sustain Raids, at the highest level, can recreate 40HP with each Shotgun kill or SMG.

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3. Chrono

Another powerful character names Chrono. His active ability is Time-Turner.

This composes a force field that shields 600 damage from opposers. Moreover, he can fire at foes from the inside of the force field.

Chrono, with his Time Turner ability, also poses a great potential.

When you use Time Turner, Chrono’s movement speed grows by 15%. Meanwhile, his allies on the force field’s inside also witness 10% for your movement speed.

This ability’s cooldown time is 50 seconds.

4. Antonio

Antonio has a passive skill called Gangster's Spirit. At its base level, this ability provides the player with 10 additional HP when the round begins.

The HP increases when Antonio reaches a higher level.

At its maximum level, Gangster's Spirit provides the player with 10 additional HP when the round begins.

Meanwhile, Gangster’s Spirit at the maximum level brings about 35 more HP with you begin the round. While playing, you should also take notice of the common mistakes you should avoid in Free Fire CS Mode.

5. Hayato

And this is another Free Fire character in Clash Squad mode that has a passive ability, Bushido. At the default level, it will boost the armor penetration of the gamer by 7.5% with every 10% cut in maximum HP.

Gamers can also try Hayato for the Clash Squad mode.

Meanwhile, the armor penetration increases 10% for every 10% reduction in HP.

Honorable mentions: K, Luqueta, Skyler, Jai

Disclaimer: The pick of a character in Free Fire depends on different opinions, and prioritizing this over that solely relies on a person’s playing style.

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