Free Fire Clash Squad is an exciting game mode for players to deal with 4v4 close combat. Here are five common mistakes that make you lose the game. Check it out.

Seven Mistakes To Avoid In Free Fire Clash Squad

You need to avoid these mistakes to win in Clash Squad mode in Free Fire.

  • In 1v1 close combat on two sides of the fence, many players keep jumping and trying to shoot the enemy. However, it won't work. Instead, you should create a Gloo wall to block the enemy, and shoot to kill him quickly.
Use Gloo Wall TUse Gloo Wall To Drag Enemyo Drag Enemy
Use Gloo Wall TUse Gloo Wall To Drag Enemyo Drag Enemy
  • Many players tend to stay on the ground to find a cover in the factory. However, you should occupy the top floor to throw grenades and shoot down to eliminate the enemy.
  • Another common mistake is hiding behind the container. However, other players can still shoot your toes and cause significant damage to you. Therefore, you need to hide all your body behind the Gloo wall or other cover.
Dont Expose Your Toes
Don't Expose Your Toes Like That
  • If you are not a pistol master, don't try to use this gun. Instead, you can use your fist to knock the enemy. Keep jumping while punching to avoid getting a headshot.
  • A deadly mistake is using the tires to jump when there is an enemy around. Keep in mind that if you do it, the enemy can kill you but you cannot shoot back. You should climb to the top through the broken wall.
Use This Way
Use This Way To Move Safely
  •  Most of the Free Fire players underestimate the use of smoke grenade. You should use this throwable to blind the enemy when rushing their base, reviving your teammates, and entering the safe zone.
  • Using Alok's ability unnecessarily is a common mistake in this game mode. You shouldn't waste his ability just in running. But if you need to move in some places like Santa Carina and Factory.