Whenever a new update of Garena Free Fire comes out, the community does not seem to get enough the new Diamond Royale. Every player wants to get their hands on the exclusive bundles and rewards coming out of the spin of luck. The same thing happens to the OB24 update. From the moment it hits the live server, there has been a buzz about Free Fire next Diamond Royale. This is a complete guide to the OB24 update Diamond Royale - the only way to acquire the exclusive Oni Soulseeker Bundle!

Oni Soulseeker Bundle
Read on to learn how to get the exclusive Oni Soulseeker Bundle

What is Garena Free Fire Diamond Royale?

Being a free-to-play game, Garena Free Fire monetizes by selling cosmetics and offering a series of microtransactions. Most of the rewards players get from the system are not intrusive by any means and serves the “make-up” purpose only. One of the prominent features is the Luck Royale system, a place to test your fortune. We can break it down into five components:

  1. Diamond Royale
  2. Gold Royale
  3. Weapon Royale
  4. Incubator
  5. Character Royale
Diamond Spin
Give your fortune a try with the Luck Royale system

The Diamond Royale is one of the five components of the Luck Royale system. Think of it as a lottery spin. The Diamond Royale allows you to acquire cosmetics such as character skins, bundles, chest skins, and items that change the appearance of your parachute. Other rewards include boosters and consumables, which increase the amount of experience and gold you receive after each match. And as the name suggests, players must pay Diamonds to draw the spin. 

How does the Diamond Royale Works?

So, players take part in the current or any Free Fire upcoming Diamond Royale by spending Diamond or vouchers. Each spin of the “wheel of fortune” costs 60 Diamonds or 1 Diamond Royale voucher. If you buy 10 spins at a time, you will get one extra turn for free. You have the chance to win the Grand Prize in every spin. Plus, you get 1 Luck Point per turn, and at 100 points you can exchange for the Grand Prize in the worst-case scenario. 

Free Fire Diamond Royale
Spend Diamonds or vouchers to get rewards

Also, remember to claim the Bonus Rewards crate weekly. If you don’t feel like spending Diamonds to test your luck, you can always substitute it with Diamond Royale vouchers. They can be acquired by joining in-game events, playing normal matches, finishing character development, or daytime challenges.

Free Fire Next Diamond Royale: How to Get the Oni Soulseeker Bundle

As you may already know, Garena Free Fire OB24 Update is now live on global servers. It brings a plethora of changes and adjustments to the battlefield. New characters, game modes, and features are waiting for you to discover. Along with them comes the new Diamond Royale with the exclusive Oni Soulseeker Bundle. It’s only available to grasp in just 18 days, so you’ve better be quick! Don’t miss your chance to get the beautiful bundle as well as tons of other attractive rewards and boosters. 

Oni Soulseeker Bundle poster
Oni Soulseeker Bundle poster

How to Join Free Fire New Diamond Royale 2020?

Testing your luck in these “wheel of fortune” in Garena Free Fire is really straight-forward. Follow our instruction below to navigate yourself to the Diamond Royale:

  • #1 Open Garena Free Fire application on your device 
  • #2 On the main lobby screen, click on “Luck Royale”
  • #3 Locate and choose the “Diamond Royale” tab
  • #4 Pay 60 Diamonds or 1 voucher to get a spin, continues the cycle if you wish. Remember that you get 11 turns for the price of 10. The more you spin, the higher the chance to get the Oni Soulseeker Bundle. 
Diamond Royale Voucher
Diamond Royale vouchers are hard to come by

Note: In the worst-case scenario, you need to spin 100 times to get the Grand Prize. That equals a total of 6,000 Diamonds, which is not a small number. However, there’s a chance to get the bundle after only a few turns. It’s basically a game of luck. Garena also introduces a new bonus system to reward players for weekly spins. After purchasing 2x, 5x, 10x, and 50x turns, you’re guaranteed to get a prize.  This makes it much more fun and rewarding for those who love to test their fortune.

Free Fire Diamond Royale Voucher Hack

Unfortunately, there has not been a reliable source to earn Diamond Royale vouchers in Free Fire, well not legally. Using the MOD APK can get you an unlimited supply of everything, but it’s also risky. You’re subject to a permanent ban on both your account and your device for doing so. But if want to find an alternative way to obtain Diamonds, check out the GPT, or Get Paid To apps and websites. 

Google Opinion Rewards India Crop
Google Opinion Rewards is a great GPT app

They reward players with Google Play Credit or PayPal money for completing certain small tasks and surveys. Each would only take you a few minutes to do - a good way to earn money to buy Diamonds legally. However, as more users tune in, you should expect a decrease in the number of surveys and tasks available. 

That’s the end of our guide on Free Fire next Diamond Royale 2020. It’s where you will find some of the game’s most beautiful skins and bundles exclusively. Yet, it’s still a game of luck and there’s nothing certain about it. If you’re down to test out your fortune, then definitely give it a few tries. For more information regarding Garena Free Fire as well as other game titles, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.