Free Fire just announced a new collaboration with the American DJ, rapper KSHMR a few days ago on their social media. With this collaboration, they are going to release a new character called Captain Booyah based on KSHMR.

While Captain Booyah is the second character in Free Fire to be based on a DJ, he will be the first character in Free Fire to have 2 skills. Here are the descriptions of Captain Booyah's skill according to leaks:

  • Skill 1: Increase the EP healing speed of teammates who are near Captain Booyah.
  • Skill 2: Increase the maximum amount of EP and automatically regenerate EP every second for Captain Booyah.

We are not sure about whether these skills are passive or active skills or the exact value, but it is quite easy to see that these skills will grant Captain Booyah and an amazing amount of regeneration.

EP is very useful in Free Fire as it allows players to regen HP without having to stay standstill. There are a lot of ways to gain EP such as mushrooms, pet skills, character skills so getting more EP is not a very hard task.

Level4 Mushroom 5425
You can get EP through eating Mushrooms

Now imagine that you can regen your HP using EP as fast as when you are using a Med Kit. You will be virtually unkillable.

Meanwhile, the second skill of Captain Booyah allows him to store even more EP and even create more EP on his own, giving him an unlimited healing source.

Captain Booyah 4a60
Captain Booyah might be even stronger than DJ Alok

With skills like these, it is really possible that Captain Booyah will be able to dethrone DJ Alok as the best character in Free Fire when he is released.

More information about Captain Booyah will be released in the future. Stay tuned and we will update it to you as soon as possible.

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