Garena Free Fire holds one of the biggest shares in the mobile gaming scene in India as well as the world. Millions of players tune into the battleground daily for their daily dose of fun and joy. Free Fire also offers a vast collection of eye-catching skins, characters, and other cosmetics. They can be purchased in the shop or obtained via Elite Pass - both cost you Diamonds. Hence, Diamonds are the most sought after currency in the game. There are mods that allow you to have an unlimited supply of them, but is this appealing idea really harm-free?

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk
There are some try to take advantage of Free Fire's popularity

Free Fire players have to pay INR 80 for 100 Diamonds, or INR 250 to get 310 Diamonds. They are not cheap, so we can understand why the concept of the unlimited mod is that captivating. Most would fail at the attempt of getting free money to spend. However, these so-called “mod” is actually considered a third-party program and could get your account banned permanently. Let us explain why.

What is Free Fire Unlimited Diamond APK?

This is only a non-tested modified version of Free Fire game client which claims to give players unlimited Diamonds to spend. The idea sounds captivating, yet it’s not legitimate and users could suffer from severe repercussions. Your personal information may be stolen, and your actual Free Fire account can be compromised since you give them the password when logging in. 

free diamond apk
These mods claim to give palyers free Diamonds to spend

On top of that, Free Fire is a server-based game, which means the data is stored on the server itself, not your client. So no matter how many Diamonds you see on your account using this mod, it won’t stay. They are a mere visual trick and will not be yours to spend. 

Is Free Fire Unlimited Diamond APK Legal?

The answer is no, it’s not. According to Garena, the developers will not tolerate any form of cheating to keep the fair playground. They define cheating as using the help of a third-party program to intervene with the normal state of the game to gain personal advantage. The unlimited Diamond APK Mod fits this description perfectly. 

free diamonds coins
As tempting as it may sound, these mods are not legal

Once you’re found cheating in Free Fire, your account will be banned permanently. Therefore, before installing any uncharted mods on your game client, think twice about the possible consequences. There no such thing as free money. But we do have a recommendation for those who want to earn some with ease. Download and finish the survey on Google Opinion Rewards for coupons that could be exchanged to Diamonds.