Free Fire has become one of the best mobile battle royale in India and the world – however, with popularity comes great competition. At higher levels, the mechanical skills of players are about the same – the one with the best grasp of strategy would win the fight. In this article, we would list out the top 20 Free Fire secret tips and tricks for you to get the edge in a match.

Free Fire secret tips and tricks
Free Fire secret tips and tricks

1 – Holding Gloo Grenade while running in open places

By doing this, you would be able to reach much faster should any enemy fire appear. By creating a Gloo Wall, you would immediately gain cover for either retaliation or retreat.

2 – You can heal teammates through walls

This is not really something that’s applicable in every match, but this knowledge could save your friend’s life in a squad match.

3 – Don’t run straight if you are rushing your enemy

That would only make you an easy to kill target. It is best to run from side to side to avoid enemy fire.

4 – Run in the opposite direction as the enemy in a duel

If your enemy is running to your right while shooting, it’s best that you run to the left. This would avoid much more damage than any other directions

Free Fire secret tips and tricks
Free Fire secret tips and tricks

5 – Avoid looting or fighting when the circle shrinks

Especially if you are anywhere near the edge of the zone. Even if you win the fight, you would not be able to escape fast enough.

6 – Tapping crouch in a fight

This would reduce the chance that your enemy would be able to headshot you effectively. When under fire, just tap the button and release it right away.

Secret tips for Free Fire
Secret tips for Free Fire

7 – Jumping repeatedly while in shallow water

This would help you move around in the area faster and bypass water’s movement slow effect.

8 – Don’t land in the center of a zone

Land on its edge then moving in instead. This way, you would be able to grasp your opponents’ location better. You would also be able to prevent yourself from getting attacked from all directions, with your back to the edge of the place.

9 – Focus on your enemies instead of looting

Don’t be too focused on looting – as soon as you get your hand on a half-decent gun, begin to look out for enemies. You can get the gun you need from them after a kill instead.

Secret tips for Free Fire
Secret tips for Free Fire

10 – Press Run and Gun at the same time to get up from Prone

Usually, you would have to stand up from going prone rather slowly, however, if you press the above 2 buttons at the same time, you would get up immediately and ready for a fight.

11 – Switching weapons while swimming

One of the biggest rules in Free Fire is not being in the water, as you are not able to use guns in there. However, if you have to swim around, switching weapons repeatedly would increase your swimming speed so that you could get out right away.

12 – Sensitivity settings would improve your reaction time

The general rule of thumb is that if your phone is weak, set the sensitivity higher because otherwise, the device would lag behind - you would not be able to react fast enough if your sensitivity settings are low.

Free Fire secret tips and tricks
Free Fire secret tips and tricks

13 – Use Gloo Grenade to cover while looting airdrops

This would cover your looting trip as a lot of players in the area would be drawn to the location. You can even use 2 grenades if needed.

14 – Press the medkit button while moving to move silently

Don’t actually activate the medkit, of course. This works best when moving inside an occupied building.

15 – Don’t Jumpshoot unless you know what you are doing

This is a high risk, high reward technique. While it can temporarily mess up your foe’s auto-aim, you are still in danger, as you can’t move around much while in the air.

16 – Try to find a back door when rushing buildings

Buildings in Free Fire are designed to be balanced for both campers and rushers. Try entering them using routes enemies would not expect like a window instead of just walking through the front door.

Free Fire secret tips and tricks
Secret tips for Free Fire

18 – Always keep an eye on the minimap

You would be able to follow the movement of your teammates, safe zone, danger area, vehicle position… and most importantly, where the fire is coming from so that you can fight back.

19 – Use vehicles as a shield

Vehicles can serve as a makeshift cover for you and your squad – especially in open areas in which there are not many covers.

20 – You can revive teammate and heal yourself at the same time

This would save a lot of time, letting you and your teammates enter the fight right away.

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