Free Fire Ultimate Titan Scar is one of the deadliest weapon skins in this battle royale game. Moreover, this iconic gun skin helps boost the power of this legendary gun in Free Fire. Here are things you need to know about this fantastic Titan skin for Scar here.

Titan Scar Ability

Titan Scar is one of the most favorite and popular gun skins in this game. It looks stunning with some light green, black, and silver patches. As we all know, weapon skins often help boost the power of those guns. So does the Ultimate Titan Scar. This stunning skin increases the damage and firing rate of Scar, one of the most popular assault rifles in this shooting game.

It Increases The Power Of The Gun
Ultimate Titan Scar Increases The Power Of The Gun.

In specific, the damage is increased significantly and the firing rate is doubled. However, Titan skin reduces the ammo capacity of the mag to 28.


Most of the gun skins in this game are purchasable in the Amory store. You can obtain the Ultimate Titan skin for SCAR with 40 diamonds. It's not a new skin. Players in some countries cannot get it now. Check out the weapon store in the game to buy it. Make sure that you have downloaded the Costume/Collection pack to get this skin. This pack is about 655MB in size.

Ultimate Titan Scar
Equip this skin if you have obtained it.

Titan Scar's Alternatives

There are many other fascinating gun skins for this legendary AR in Free Fire. Apart from Ultimate Titan, you can get some other skins that also boost the power and ability of this gun. For example, the Cupid Scar also helps boost the damage and double the firing rate.

It's A Deadly Skin
It's A Deadly Skin

Or else, the Phantom Assassin is also a cool and fascinating skin for this AR. Besides, the Water Elemental is another exclusive skin or Scar that looks really cool and stunning.