Free Fire has introduced a new diamond royale with a new set of rewards. Especially, you can get a new Oni Soul Seeker bundle. Here are things you need to know about the new Diamond Royale in OB24 Update. Check it out with

Free Fire New Diamond Royale Full Details

Garena Free Fire often introduces new Diamond Royale in the latest update. The new Diamond Royale is called Oni Soul Seeker. It's a super stunning, cool, and fancy outfit. Garena even made an intro video for this special bundle. The lucky players can obtain the Oni Soul Seeker bundle from the new Diamond Royale.

Inspired By Japanese Myth
The new Diamond Royale in Free Fire

However, this special bundle is only available in the Diamond Royale spin for 18 days. Therefore, you need to hurry to not miss this chance. As normal, Free Fire players need to pay diamonds or use diamond royale vouchers to spin and win rewards. After each spinner, you also collect a lucky point to increase the chance to win the grand prize.

Diamond Royale Grand Prize
Diamond Royale Grand Prize: Oni Soul Seeker Bundle

Apart from this cool and amazing bundle, there are many attractive gifts you can obtain from the Diamond Royale Spin. One spin costs you 60 diamonds. If you pay 600 diamonds to buy 10 spins, you will get as spin bonus. Then, you will get more chance to win the grand bundle.

New Diamond Royale
It's a special bundle inspired by Japanese mythology

In addition, there are many weekly gifts for players when they reach the milestones of 2, 5, 10, and 50 times of spinning. You can receive weekly rewards on the right side of the phone screen. The rewards include fashion items, diamond vouchers, weapon vouchers, and gold vouchers, magic cube fragments, and some old bundles.

Oni Soul Seeker is another special bundle inspired by Japanese mythology. If you are in love with Japanese culture and want to get this cool outfit, join the spin now.