Free Fire Kar98k and AWM are two powerful sniper rifles in this game. They can deal with all ranges of combat. However, they are most effective in long-range engagements. But which one is better? Just compare and find the answer to this question here with

Free Fire Kar98k Vs AWM: Which SR Is Better?

Kar98k is the most popular sniper gun in this game. AWM is a beast weapon with deadly hits. Which SR is better for you? Take these points into consideration.


In terms of damage, they are equal. Both AWM and Kar98k deal huge damage of 90 with zero armor penetration. In addition, both of these SRs have the same firing rate of 27. Therefore, Kar98k and AWM have similar power.

Free Fire Kar98k
Kar98k Vs AWM

Effective Range And Accuracy

The effective range of AWM is a little bit longer than Kar98k. AWM is effective in a very long range. So it is in Kar98k but its effective range is a bit shorter. So, it will be weaker at a distance of over 900m. The bullet drop also makes it less deadly and accurate. However, in the effective range of each gun, AWM and Kar98k have the same accuracy of 90.

Reload Speed And Ammo Capacity

The beast sniper gun AWM has a longer reloading time than that of Kar98k. But you can attach a quickdraw mag to reduce it and reload bullets faster. Besides, both AWM and Kar98k have the ammo capacity of 5 bullets per load. However, AWM has an attachment slot for an extended mag. Therefore, the ammo capacity is extended to 8 bullets per load.

A Headshot With Kar98k
A Headshot With Kar98k

In addition, both these guns have the attachment slots for a silencer, compensator, and sight or scope. You should attach a 4x to 8x scope to aim and shoot better in long-range combat. Besides, Kar98k is more popular than AWM that is only spawned in the supply crate.

Awm With Extended Mag
AWM With An Extended Mag