Free Fire offers you the frag grenade to eliminate an enemy squad quickly or rush house safely. Here are some amazing tips and tricks you must know to master the grenade skill in this game. Check them out.

Grenade Tips And Tricks In Free Fire

Here are some grenade tips and tricks you must know to play like a pro player in Free Fire:

  • When the enemy makes some Gloo Walls to cover him tightly, throw a frag grenade into the Gloo wall construction to knock or kill him.
Use Frag Grenade Before Rushing House
Use Frag Grenades Before Rushing House
  • If the enemies hide behind wooden boxes on the second floor, throw some frag grenades to space behind these boxes to cause damage to him. You can throw it from the staircase and don't need to take the risk to rush the house.
  • Use some grenades to distract and slow down the enemy when he is chasing after you.
Throw Grenade Without Exposing
Throw Grenades Without Exposing
  • Throw grenades from the staircase side of the tower to shoot when the enemy evade from this way.
  • If the grenade touches a broken vehicle, it won't cause damage to the enemy.
  • Jump when cooking the grenade to throw it farther.
Throw Grenade From Upper Side
Throw Grenade From Upper Side
  • You can stay behind the Gloo wall to throw grenades to avoid getting shot. Keep in mind that the enemies can shoot and kill you when you cook the grenade and cannot shoot back. If you expose your body while throwing a grenade, you become an easy target.
Free Fire Grenade Tips
Throw grenades to both sides of the enemy's Gloo wall
  • When throwing a grenade from behind the tree, step back to throw without exposing your body.
  • If the opponent is hiding behind the Gloo wall and so you are, throw some grenades to both sides of the enemy's cover, It makes sure that he cannot hide and evade.
  • Throw grenade from the upper side.

Practice these pro tips to use grenade wisely and get Booyah.