Free Fire features squad ranked mode to let players enjoy the game in a team of four players. Apart from personal skills, you also need many squad tips to get Booyah and rank up fast. Check out the pro squad tips to get Booyah with your friends here with

Start Safely In A Familiar Place And Use Car To Move

If you want to get Booyah in every squad match and collect more rank points, you should choose a spot and master it. It should be near the center of the map so that you can dash into the playing zone on time. Moreover, you need to explore every corner of that place and find some good places to hide and cover. Besides, it should be a low-risk or medium-risk location so that you will not encounter too many enemies.

Choose The Familiar Drop Location
Choose The Familiar Drop Location

Besides, it can be risky when using vehicles in solo games. However, vehicles can be very useful in squad mode. You can find one or two armored trucks to rush into the safe zone quickly. Moreover, dividing your squad into two cars can be a wise idea because one can be a scout while the other can be supporters.

Make Use Of Coordinates

You should use the coordinates to inform the location of the enemies instead of wasting time to describe it. Moreover, it also helps your teammates spot the enemies easily and accurately. You shouldn't use some unclear descriptions, such as "there", " behind that tree", or "in the house over there", etc. Your teammates can find the wrong spots.

Inform Teammates The Enemies Locations
Inform Teammates The Enemies' Locations

Try To Save Your Teammates

In Free Fire, you can use first aid kits to heal while reviving your teammates. Then, you can save time and get ready for the next combat quickly. Keep in mind that the Free Fire ranked mode is often tense and furious. You should keep your HP bar full and heal quickly. Besides, you should ask other teammates to give two of you support when you are reviving the knocked teammate.

Treatment Gun Is Useful

This game also offers a treatment weapon to heal your teammates. For example, when you and your teammates are hiding in different corners but they run out of consumables, this gun is useful. Running to your teammates is not a wise idea because you can unveil the location of both of you and get shot while moving. Instead, you can use this gun to heal them.

Treatment Gun
Treatment Gun In Free Fire

Stick To Your Squad

Free Fire also lets players communicate via voice chat. So, talk to your friend and keep communicating. Keep in mind that you need to co-operate with your teammates if you want to win. You can hardly win in solo vs squad fight because a full squad is often stronger and they can surround and shoot you down. Moreover, you can use voice chat to help each other to loot supplies.

Use Voice Chat To Loot Needed Supplies
Use Voice Chat To Help Each Other To Loot Needed Supplies