Free Fire Download New Version 2020 is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. The latest version of this game is titled '3volution' that is also free to download like previous versions. Besides, it also brings players a lot of amazing features and additions. Check it out here with

Free Fire 3volution Features

It's the latest Free Fire version now. Free Fire 3volution was introduced on the occasion of the third anniversary with many exciting events and rewards. You can download it for free from Google Play Store and App Store. There are many new features added to this game.

  • New Character Luqueta: This is a new character who arrived in Free Fire update version OB23. He has a unique ability of Hat Trick that helps increase the player's maximum HP from 8 to 35, based on the level of this character. You can get this new character from the character store with 499 diamonds. Besides, Garena Free Fire gave away this character in a Diamond top-up event that ended over a month ago. If you don't have enough diamonds to unlock him, you can wait for other chances.
New Character Luqueta
Free Fire 3volution introduced a new character Luqueta with a unique Hat Trick skill.
  • New Weapon AUG: It's the latest arrival in the weapon collection of this game. This assault rifle is a powerful gun with a huge damage point of 56 and a high firing rate of 61. In addition, this AR comes with a pre-equipped 2x scope. However, you can equip other scopes for this gun to deal with different ranges of combat.
New Gun AUG is the latest arrival in the weapon collection of this game
  • New Pet: Mr. Waggor is the latest pet that you can get from this Free Fire download new version 2020. This penguin comes to Free Fire battleground with a unique skill of Smooth Gloo that lets it help you produce Gloo Wall grenades for you. Therefore, you don't need to worry about running out of this item.
Mr Waggor
This latest Free Fire version 2020 also introduced a new pet Mr. Waggor known as a Gloo Wall Grenade generator.
  • Revive Kit is a new addition in this latest version of Free Fire this year. However, it's only featured in the Clash Squad mode.
  • The speed of the motorbike is increased in this latest update of Free Fire.

Guide On Free Fire Download New Version 2020 Free

If you are not a Free Fire player and you want to try it now, go to Google Play Store or App Store and search this game. Then tap on the Download or Get button to download this game. You will automatically get the latest update 3volution. Then, wait until the installation is done. Next, log in and create an account to play Free Fire. This game is totally free to download.

Free Fire App Store
This latest version is free to download from Google Play Store or App Store

In addition, the size of this update is 46MB in Android and 1.4GB in iOS devices. The system operating requirement for this update is Android 4.0.3 and iOS 8.0 or above. You can also download and play it on an Android emulator on PC.

Free Fire Google Play Store
The system operating requirement for this update is Android 4.0.3 and iOS 8.0 or above.

However, if you want to buy things and unlock characters in this game, you need to top up diamonds and coins that may cost you real cash. Or else, you can work hard in some time-limited event to get diamonds or those rewards for free. There are many ways to earn diamonds for free in this game. Besides, many players even use hack tool which will definitely bring them a lifetime ban. Therefore, you shouldn't download the third-party app and tool to play this game.

Free Fire Game Download New Version 2020 With APK and OBB Links

Many developers give some APK and OBB links to download this game from the third party. Moreover, Free Fire players can also experience the new update before it's officially launched with these APK apps. However, using third-party apps is banned in Garena Free Fire. If you download and play this game with APK files, you can get a ban.

Free Fire Apk
You can download Free Fire APK and OBB to install and play this game on Android devices.

To avoid getting a ban on your main account when playing Free Fire APK app, you should log in with the guest account. Then, you can experience the latest updates before the official release. You can easily find the links to download the APK and OBB files to install the game app.

Free Fire Download New Version 2020 Wonderland

Free Fire Wonderland is the previous update this year. It was released on April 8th and closed on April 2oth. This time-limited update is about 300MB in size. Wonderland event includes many small events happening in different periods of time.

Free Fire Wonderland
Free Fire Wonderland is the previous update this year.
  • Audiophile Bunny Headset: This is the first part of this event. Players can get many rewards, including the exclusive Audiophile Bunny Headset.
  • SPAS12 skin mission: This small task takes place from April 9th to 15th, 2020. You will have to complete missions to get this permanent skin.
  • Mysterious Eggs: The last part of the Free Fire Wonderland event is Mysterious Eggs. It takes place from April 12th to 20th, 2020.

Moreover, this event also introduced a brand new Airship feature to Free Fire. The airship will fly on the sky and drop the supply box to the battlefield. The event ended a few months ago, therefore, you can not download it from the Google Play Store and App Store. However, you can download the APK file of this update to play it on a third-party app. But you should log in with the Guest account to avoid getting a ban in your main account.

Those are things you need to know about Free Fire Download New Version 2020. To update the latest Free Fire game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.