Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that features an open world and anime-themed characters. It is appreciated for the immersive soundtrack and mesmerizing visuals.

While it owns an excellent rating on Google Play Store, some players would want to find games like Genshin Impact mobile. And that is what we will provide you in this article below.

1. Honkai Impact 3rd

This is a top choice when it comes to the games like Genshin Impact mobile. Honkai Impact 3rd has multiple stages where the difficulty level creeps up following the player’s progress.

Honkai Impact 3rd
Honkai Impact 3rd looks fun.

Moreover, it has a simple yet nice narrative that you will certainly enjoy. Cool animations and vibrant visuals are what make gamers appreciate this title.

2. Tales of Wind

With 20 disperse casual modes, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) game is among the best games like Genshin Impact mobile. Players can experience the vast worked that the game offers, the same as what presents in Genshin Impact.

Tales Of Wind
Tales of Wind

Your main duty is to defeat monsters as well as store them in the soul cards. With more than 5 million downloads, this game owns 4.3 stars of rating.

3. Vindictus

The game has been here ever since 2010 and is still going strong. As one of the games similar to Genshin Impact mobile, Vindictus has an avid player-base.

Vindictus has the most stunning characters.

Despite its age, the graphics are good and the outstanding combat makes it among the most elating ones in its sub-genre. Currently, there are 15 gender-locked levels.

4. Tales of Crestoria

What makes it one of the games like Genshin Impact on mobile is Tales of Crestoria is also of the role-playing genre. It also has anime characters and a dramatic storyline which entertain the players.

Tales Of Crestoria
Looking for games like Genshin Impact mobile? Tales Of Crestoria is an option you may want to consider.

Meanwhile, the characters embrace their own abilities and characters. Also, gamers can make a dream team with their most favorite characters.

5. RPG Toram Online - MMORPG

You may be thrilled to know that they can make a character in their own style in this title. In fact, there are more than 500 billion variations for players to pick from.

Rpg Toram Online
RPG Toram Online

One can hop on adventures with their fellows just like what they do in Genshin Impact. Moreover, RPG Toram Online have multiple weapons. It has 4.5 stars when it comes to rating on GG Play Store.

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6. Leturn - RPG Tower Defense of Magic

What makes Leturn stand out is that it allows players to play even with no Internet connection. As one of the games like Genshin Impact mobile, it lets you join any battle and defeat enemies with magic.

Leturn Rpg Tower Defense Of Magic
Leturn – RPG Tower Defense of Magic is only available on Android.

Game lovers can opt for one among the four wizard classes in RPG Tower Defense of Magic. From evil goblins to dark mages, more than 50 kinds of enemies endowed with special abilities are waiting for you.

7. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Since 2015, the game has made gamers gamble. It still remains free today as the top strongest gacha tiles. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a mobile-available Final Fantasy franchise’s spin-off.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
The game is suitable for those who want something a tad bit less active and more chill.

Although it may end up much slower than RPGs, it has a decent pace especially for those who want to relax.

8. Kurtzpel

Kurtzpel’s aesthetics are surprisingly similar to those of Genshin Impact. However, they play out quite differently. This title is more like a free-to-play disputant where gamers fight on a virtual backdrop.

Experience the best games like Genshin Impact mobile with Kurtzpel.

Players are against another player or engage in co-op mode vs the A.I. In fact, some might find it resembles Battlefield or Calls of Duty more.

As it has modes like Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch, it is more like other competitive multiplayer games.

9. SoulWorker

When it comes to thrilling anime action, this is yet another game that fans of Genshin Impact lovers might want to try. The games like Genshin Impact on mobile has a gender-locked class system.


Moreover, its anime style is akin to the aesthetics of Genshin Impact. In spite of being an MMORPG, it has over-the-top anima fights like what you are looking for.

10. Phantasy Star Online 2

For those who want a small break from a different scenery or the gacha of Genshin, Phantasy Star Online 2 poses a great choice. The sci-fi game has many mechanized characters and mechas.

Phantasy Star Online 2
This is one of the most recommended games similar to Genshin Impact mobile.

With Phantasy Star Online 2 – an MMORPG, players will not feel lonely unlike what the limited co-op mode that Genshin Impact offers.

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