The final part of All That Glitters version 1.3 update is finally here. In this article, we would aid you in navigating the event and its 2 different phases to get the best result possible.

Genshin Impact Vishaps And Where To Find Them Even

1 - First Phase - Expeditions

The first phase has no real gameplay - you only need to visit the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor and send characters to Expeditions. Only the one in Liyue is eligible - the Mondstadt version won't do. You can do up to 4 expeditions per day, with S ranks getting 20 primogems, A ranks 15 and B ranks 10. Prioritize the S rank expedition as it gives the highest reward.

If you don't have enough character, it might be a good idea to just stop doing normal expeditions temporarily and focus on the event expeditions. Use guest characters from friends if you don't have enough characters in your roster.

2 - Second Phase: On the Hunt

These On the Hunt challenges would appear every day - they would give you bounties for killing the Vishaps.

Vishaps And Where To Find Them 4

Once the countdown on the bottom left corner ends, a new bounty would be released and a map marker would show you where the Vishaps are. Teleport there and defeat them to get the bounties. If you have problems in defeating the vishaps and Primo Geovishaps, try bringing Noelle if you have her leveled. Her elemental skill's shield can counter the Primo Geovishaps's breath attack.

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Besides that, just prepare like normal by eating stat-boosting food and getting potions beforehand.

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