There are a lot of Genshin Impact chest routes for players to farm and level up. Moreover, you can get a lot of materials to ascend characters and enhance weapons from those chests. Let's find the best Genshin Impact chest route here with

Genshin Impact Chest Respawn Route

There are four levels of Genshin Impact chests, including Common chests, Exquisite chests, Precious chests, and Luxurious chests. The Precious chests and Luxurious chests will definitely have better loots than Common chests and Exquisite chests. The common chests are also the most popular chest route in this Gacha game.

Chest In Genshin Impact
There are four levels of Genshin Impact chests.

The chest routes in Genshin Impact in the mobile version and PC/Console can be different. Besides, it's reported that chests do not respawn in Genshin Impact. However, many players still see a new chest in the old location where they have looted a few days ago. The new chest may appear at the same spot or around that spot. But NOT ALL chests respawn. It can be a glitch or a new chest after the update. Anyway, you sometimes can get a new chest in an old spot.

Genshin Impact Chest Locations
Some chests that you get by clearing gimmicks and completing quests will not be respawned

Moreover, not all of these chests are respawned. For example, some chests that you get by clearing gimmicks and completing quests will not be respawned. Meanwhile, Common chests will reappear every 2 days. Most of those chests are not marked on the map. But many special chest locations will appear on the in-game map, such as Bosses, Enemies, and Domains.

Defeat Boss To Obtain Chests
Genshin Impact players will get Luxurious chests after defeating elemental bosses or domains.

For example, you will get Luxurious chests after defeating elemental bosses, like Andrius Boss, Anemo Hypostasis Boss, Electro Hypostasis Boss, Cryo Regisvine Boss, etc. Those bosses will drop a lot of high-quality materials. Besides, you also get necessary materials from Luxurious chests by clearing domains.

Hard To Defeat Bosses
You have to fight off very powerful bosses and demons to obtain those luxurious chests.

Moreover, these chests will reappear right away after you clear them. However, these chests are obviously harder to obtain than common chests. You have to fight off very powerful bosses and demons to obtain those luxurious chests. Then, you can get vital materials for weapon enhancement and character ascending in this game, such as Gemstone, Flowers, Rings, etc.

In short, only domain or some boss chest rewards can be looted again. Other kinds of chests won't respawn.

Best Genshin Impact Chest Route Liyue

Liyue is an Eastern-style city in the South of the map. This harbor city is very rich. Therefore, you can find a lot of chests in Liyue when go farming around this city.

Liyue Harbor Farm Route
The first Liyue Harbor chest farm route starts in the Northern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor.
  • The start point is the Northern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor. Then, Genshin Impact players can find many Common chests and Exquisite chests in some hidden corners around the North harbor, such as the top of the waterfall under the bridge, the foot of the bridge, the high balcony of some buildings in the North Harbor, and also rock cliffs, etc. Those chests are often hidden in secret corners that gamers often ignore.
Drop To Obtain These Chests
Drop To Obtain These Chests In The High Mountain Cliffs And Hidden Corners Of High Towers.
  • Then, teleport to the high mountain behind the city. From the Teleport Spot on the mountain top behind Liyue city, you will have the best view over this Chinese town. From this point, drop to land on the edge of the rock cliff to loot a Precious chest above some high tile-roofed towers. Next, continue to drop into the front balcony of the front cylinder tower that faces the sea to loot another Exquisite chest. Then, roam around to loot further chests in secret corners of this tower.
There Are Up To 25 Chests In Liyue City Only
There Are Up To 25 Chests Spawned In Liyue City Only With A Lot Of Easy Materials To Loot.
  • Another Genshin Impact chest route in Liyue starts from the Southern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue city. Common chests and Exquisite chests are spawned under the stairways, in small alleys, on high balconies, and behind buildings in Liyue. These chests are very easy to obtain because you can open them without having to fight off bosses or enemies like when you go farming in the wild.

Genshin Impact Best Chest Route In Mondstadt

Mondstadt is the first city that every Genshin Impact traveler will explore when playing this game. It's also the starting point of Genshin Impact players. Therefore, you will definitely have to understand this city well. However, a lot of players haven't explored these great chest farming routes in this Northern city of Genshin Impact continent.

Chest On A High Tower
There Is A Chest On A High Tower.
  • The Luxurious Genshin Impact chest route in Mondstadt starts in the back Teleport Waypoint in a high tower on the Churchyard in this city. There is a Luxurious chest on the highest tower in the wall of the city. You need to climb to reach that location. Then, you will also find any other chests easily on the city wall.
Mondstadt Chests
There are some Luxurious chests in Monstadt city to obtain with ease.
  • Another chest route in Mondstadt links high towers in this city. Like in Liyue, you can find many Common chests and Exquisite chests on the high and dark balconies of high buildings in Monstadt.
  • Outside this city, travelers also find a lot of Common chests and Exquisite chests in the wild. You start in the Teleport Waypoint right at the entrance of the city and roam around tracks to obtain those chests. Sometimes, you need to defeat enemies to open those chests. Sometimes, many chests will be hidden in broken carts. So, don't ignore any dark corner on the map.
Chests In The Whispering Woods
There Are Many Chests In The Whispering Woods Outside Monstadt City.

Those are some best chest routes in Genshin Impact. Do you choose the best Genshin Impact chest route to go farming? To update the latest Genshin Impact game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.

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