Genshin Impact Anemoculus map interactive lets players know all locations of Anemoculus on the map. There are a lot of Anemoculus in Mondstadt. You will need these Anemoculus to level up the Statues Of Seven in this city.

What Is Anemoculus?

Anemoculus is an important Adventure Item that you can find in Mondstadt. Genshin Impact travelers need this item to upgrade the Statues Of Seven. Then, you will receive a lot of advantages, such as Mora rewards, HP heal, etc.

Obtain Anemoculus
You need to obtain Anemoculus to upgrade the Statues of Seven.

These items will be marked on the map when you are close to them. Most of these Anemoculus are scattered in midair. Therefore, you need to glide from higher places, such as a mountain cliff or a very high big tree to touch the Anemoculus in the midair and obtain it. Besides, you need to find an Anemograna nearby to fly and reach the Anemoculus.

Upgrade Statue Of Seven
Get More Advantages When Upgrading The Statue Of Seven In Genshin Impact.

There are some Anemoculus hidden under some rocks. Sometimes, you spot the marks of Anemoculus in the minimap but you cannot see it in midair or around. Check around to spot some strange rocks with some slits around. You can break that rock to unveil the Anemoculus and obtain it. These Anemoculus are placed low, so you can obtain them easily.

Anemoculus Winery
There are three Anemoculus in Dawn Winery

Anemoculus is only available in Mondstadt. Moreover, you can only use it to upgrade Mondstadt Statues of Seven. It looks like a green ball with two green wings. You need to touch the ball or the wing to obtain the Anemoculus.

How To Use Genshin Impact Map Anemoculus Interactive Map?

You can use Genshin Impact Anemoculus locations interactive map to locate all Anemoculus. You access the interactive map on the website of the map. Then, clear all markers on the interactive map if it automatically locates all items. You need to do this action to make the map clear enough to spot the wanted marks.

Genshin Impact Map
It's very easy to use Genshin Impact interactive map to locate all Anemoculus.

Then, you can find the Anemoculus location right in the Markers section in the Featured Tab. Then, you will see that all Anemoculus locations concentrate in the Northern part of the map, around Mondstadt city. Next, you can open the minimap in the game and mark those locations in the minimap can navigate them.

Anemoculus Locations
Some Anemoculus crystals are harder to spot.

Next, you can reach those places quickly when using unlocked Statues of Seven or Teleport Waypoints. When getting closer to those locations, check out the mark of Anemoculus on the minimap and find the exact location.

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Genshin Impact All Anemoculus Interactive Map Locations

There are 65 Anemoculus scattered around Mondstadt city. You can divide the Amemoculus map into four main regions, including Lower East, Upper East, Lower West, and Upper West. Then, you traverse around those regions and make sure that you collect all Anemoculus in each region.

Genshin Impact Anemoculus Stormterrors Lair
You can find 12 Genshin Impact Anemoculus in Stormterror's Lair.

Or else, you can traverse some big places on the map. All lands and regions on the Genshin Impact map have unique names. Here are some main locations of Anemoculus in Genshin Impact where you can collect this item.

  • There are 12 Anemoculus scattered around the Stormterror's Lair. They spawn around four Teleport Waypoints in this Valley.
  • You can find 14 Anemoculus on the land between Wolvendom and Brightcrown Canyon. They are easy to find around Teleport Waypoints and the Cecilia Garden Domain in this area. The Anemoculus is pretty dense here. Hence, you can collect up to five Anemoculus along the coast. Besides, there are two other items on two small unnamed islands between Brightcrown Canyon and Mondstadt.
Break Strange Stones
Brightcrown Canyon has a lot of Anemoculus.
  • There are three Anemoculus in the Dawn Winery, between the Teleport Waypoint and the Statue of Seven.
  • Then, go to Springvale to explore this stunning land and find 10 Anemoculus. They concentrate along the path dividing Springvale and the Windrise valley. Besides, find some Anemoculus around the Statue of Seven and Teleport Waypoint in this valley.
Springvale Anemoculus
Springvale is another place of Anemoculus in Mondstadt land.
  • There are nine Anemoculus around the Windrise valley. Most of them concentrate around the small river in this valley.
  • Genshin Impact travelers will find seven Anemoculus when exploring Dadaupa Gorge and Cape Oath.
  • The rest of Anemoculus are scattered in the upper East of Mondstadt.

How To Obtain Anemoculus?

Most of these items are in the midair. You can climb to high mountain cliffs, top of big trees, or top of the Ruins to glide and get them. There are some items hidden inside an old tower or in the canopy of leaves. Check out the areas around Teleport waypoints carefully.

Glide From High Places
Climb to a high place, jump down, and glide to obtain the Anemoculus on the air.

Sometimes, you do not see the Anemoculus in the air although you reach the right marked place on the minimap. Check out some strange stones around. If you see a strange heap of small stones in a corner of a cliff, use a claymore to break the stone heap quickly and obtain the Anemoculus.

Activate The Wind Totem
Activate The Wind Totem Near The Location Of The Anemoculus

If there isn't any high cliff around the location of Anemoculus, find a sign of Anemograna on the ground. Activate it by using the Anemo character's elemental skill and jump to fly to get the Anemoculus.

Anemo Character
Only Anemo characters can activate Anemograna or Wind Totem on the map.

Those are things you need to know about Genshin Impact Anemoculus map interactive. Try to collect as many Anemoculus as possible to upgrade Anemo Statues of Seven in Mondstadt.

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