Xinyan is a powerful Pyro character in Genshin Impact. This A-tier character can play the roles of the main DPS, Sub-DPS, and Supporter in your party. Check out all Xinyan Genshin Impact skills as well as the best build for this character.

Xinyan Genshin Impact Skills

This lovely girl has sexy chocolate-color kin and two big plaits. Xinyan is a Rock 'n Roll musician in Liyue. Thus, her special dish is Rockin' Riffin' Chicken! which makes you as hot as a Rock song. You can obtain this 4-star character from wish events or after completing the event 'Stand by Me'.

Xinyan Rock And Roll Musician
Xinyan is a Rock 'n Roll musician in Liyue.

Xinyan has the Pyro element and she uses a big Claymore to fight. Like other Genshin Impact characters, Xinyan also has Normal attack, Elemental skill, and Elemental Burst. Here are things you need to know about Xinyan Genshin Impact skills.

Xinyan's Skills

  • Normal Attack: Dance on Fire is Xinyan's normal attack that is unlocked automatically when you obtain this character. She can do 4 consecutive strikes before it resets. If you hold the normal attack button to do the Charged attack, it consumes stamina. But she can spin the claymore to slay enemies and end this attack with a powerful slash. Xinyan performs her plunging attack from midair to the ground.
Xinyan Normal Attack
Xinyan can do 4 consecutive strikes with her weapon when using the Normal Attack.
  • Elemental Skill: When using an Elemental Skill named Sweeping Fervor, Xinyan will activate her Pyro element to make elemental attacks on enemies. Xinyan will brandish her musical instrument to create a shield to protect her from the enemy's attacks. The level of the shield will increase based on the number of enemies she hits. If she hits 0 - 1 enemy, she forms an Ad-Lib shield. When Xinyan hits 2 enemies, she creates a Lead-In shield. Then, she forms a Rave shield to create consecutive Pyro damage to enemies around.
Xinyan Shield
When using the Elemental Skill, Xinyan forms a Pyro shield to protect herself and cause consecutive DMG to enemies.
  • Elemental Burst: It's called Riff Revolution. Xinyan launches enemies around and causes Physical DMG. Then, she causes a Pyro Blast in a large AoE. It's very effective when dealing with a big wave of enemies.
Xinyan Elemental Burst
Xinyan Elemental Burst is very powerful.

Passive Talents

Passive talents of Genshin Impact characters are unlocked when you upgrade them. Xinyan has three passive talents.

  • A Rad Recipe: this cooking talent is unlocked automatically. When she makes a perfect DEF-boosting dish, her chance to obtain double dishes increases by 12%.
  • "The Show Goes On, Even Without an Audience...": It decreases the requirement to form Lead-In and Rave shields when using Elemental Skill. It means she can create a Lead-In shield when hitting one enemy and a Rave shield when hitting 2 enemies. This talent is available to use after reaching Ascension level 1.
Xinyan Talent Test
Xinyan's passive talents are very useful and beneficial when she uses elemental skills.
  • "...Now That's Rock 'N' Roll!": This passive talent is unlocked at Ascension 4. It increases the Physical DMG of Xinyan in Sweeping Fervor by 15%.

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Best Weapon And Artifacts For Xinyan

The best weapon for Xinyan is Wolf's Gravestone, a 5-star claymore. This is the most recommended weapon for Xinyan's DPS build. This weapon increases the Physical DMG by 20-40%. Moreover, it helps increase the allies' base damage by 40-80% for 12 seconds before it cools down in 30 seconds. The best flower of life for this build is Gladiator's Finale. This flower increase Xinyan's ATK by 18% and normal ATK DMG by 35%.

Xinyan Weapon
Wolf's Gravestone is the best weapon for Xinyan when you use this character as the main DPS fighter in your team.

Skyward Pride is a great alternation for Wolf's Gravestone if you build Xinyan as the main DPS character. Noblesse Oblige and Bloodstained Chivalry are two highly recommended artifacts for this build. Or else, you can use Favonius Greatsword, Snow-Tombed Starsilver, or Prototype Archaic for Physical Burst DPS build for Xinyan.

Prototype Aminus
Prototype Aminus is a great alternation if you cannot obtain Wolf's Gravestone claymore.

The other best choice of weapon for Xinyan is Prototype Aminus, a 4-star claymore. It gives Xinyan a chance to cause additional ATK DMG by 240 - 480% when doing normal and charged attacks. The cooldown time is 15 seconds. This is a great choice if you use Xinyan as a sub-DPS fighter in your party. Bloodstained Chivalry and Gladiator's Finale are two recommended flowers of life for this role. Alternatively, you can equip Retracing Bolide flower to increase the strength of her shield.

Xinyan Genshin Impact Skill
Retracing Bolide flower can help increase the strength of her shield.

Xinyan's Best Team Build

Bennett and Diona are the two most recommended teammates for Xinyan. Bennett is an SS-tier character who can play the role of the main DPS fighter in your party. He also uses the Pyro element. Thus, Xinyan and Bennett can make an elemental resonance to cause great elemental DMG in a large area.

Xinyan Best Team Build
If you use Xinyan as the main DPS, choose Zhongli for the sub-DPS position in your party.

Besides, Diona is a good teammate who covers long-range combat and helps tankers like Bennett and Xinyan heal. Albedo is also a good sub-DPS fighter in this team with his Geo elemental attacks. Moreover, Albedo and Xinyan can combine to create Crystalize elemental reactions.

Xinyan And Diona
Diona is a great teammate of Xinyan because she can heal Xinyan's HP when Xinyan plays as a tanker.

Or else, Tartaglia can replace Albedo to be the sub-DPS character in this party with his Hydro elemental skills. Xinyan and Tartaglia can cause Vaporize elemental reactions. Chongyun and Sucrose are two other ideal teammates for Xinyan to form a friendly party.

Those are things you need to know about Xinyan Genshin Impact skills as well as how to build this new character. With the best weapons, artifacts, and team build, Xinyan can be a powerful DPS or sub-DPS character in this game.

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