Rosaria is a new 4-star character in Genshin Impact. She has arrived in this game a few days ago. Check out Rosaria Genshin Impact gameplay and the best guide for this 4-star character here.

Rosaria Genshin Impact Skills

Despite her hot and sultry look, this new female Genshin Impact traveler is a cryo character. She can be obtained from the Farewell of Snezhnaya wish event. Besides, you can get the 5-star character, Childe from this event. Rosaria is a sexy sister in Mondstadt's Church of Favonius.

Rosaria New Character
You can obtain this new character from the Farewell of Snezhnaya wish event.

Rosaria's Skills

Rosaria has three skills like other Genshin Impact characters, including Normal attack, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst.

Genshin Impact Rosaria
She is a sexy sister in the Church of Favonius in Mondstadt.
  • Her normal attack is Spear of the Church. She can perform up to 5 quick spear strikes. The charged attack deals more damage but consumes stamina. When using the plunging attack, she deals great damage with an AoE attack to enemies on the ground from the midair.
Charged Attack Of Rosaria
Rosaria's Charged Attack Consumes Stamina But Causes More Damage
  • The Elemental skill is Ravaging Confession. It lets her make a huge and powerful Cryo attack while slipping behind her foe. However, it does not work when you encounter large bosses and enemies.
Rosaria Elemental Skill
Her Elemental Skill makes a huge and powerful Cryo attack to the enemy in her direction of attack.
  • Her Elemental Burst is titled Rites of Termination. It deals massive Cryo damage to enemies in a large area of attack with her polearm.
Elemental Burst
Her Elemental Burst deals massive Cryo damage to enemies in a large area.

Rosaria's Talents

Moreover, Genshin Impact Rosaria also has three passive talents.

  • Night walk: when the sun goes down and the night comes, the moving speed of your party will increase by 10% when Rosaria joins. However, it doesn't work in Spiral Abyss and Domains. Therefore, Rosaria is the best fighter to travel at night.
Rosaria Night Travel
Her night walk talent helps increase the allies' speed at night.
  • Regina Probationum: Rosaria's CRIT rate is increased by 12% in 5 seconds when she uses the Elemental skill.
  • Shadow Samaritan: This passive skill helps buff the allies' CRIT Rate by 15% when Rosaria use the Elemental Burst.

With those skills and talents, this sexy sister can play as a powerful sub-DPS fighter in your party. She will be more deadly and powerful with the best artifacts, proper weapons, and best team build.

Rosaria's Best Weapons And Artifacts

You should choose proper weapons and artifacts for this character based on her role. If you want her to play the main DPS role in your party, the best weapon for this S-tier Cryo fighter is the Staff of Homa. Then, use Bloodstained Chivalry or Gladiator's Finale flower to increase her Physical DMG by 25% and ATK by 18%.

Rosaria Weapon
This character uses a polearm.

Or else, Crescent Pike or Dragonspine Spear is highly recommended. Meanwhile, Skyward Spine is the best weapon for Cryo burst support. It helps increase the CRIT rate by 8% and the normal ATK SPD by 12%. Noblesse Oblige or Blizzard Strayer are recommended artifacts for this purpose.

Rosaria Sub Dps
She can play as the main DPS or sub-DPS fighter in your party.

If you can't get the Skyward Spine, Prototype Starglitter and Favonius Lance are recommended replacements for the sub-DPS role of Rosaria. She can combine with other characters to deal great damage to enemies and bosses or fight alone to clear small enemies.

Rosaria Genshin Impact
You should collect Hero's Wits to upgrade this character to level 90.

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Recommended Team Builds For Rosaria

Rosaria will perform the best when she teams up with FischlDiona, and Albedo. This sexy Cryo fighter will play the role of the main DPS in this party. Fischl causes extra damage by creating an elemental reaction with the Cryo attack of Rosaria. Diona is the best choice for the support role in this team who provides shields and heals allies. This supporter can also make elemental resonance with Rosaria during combat. Albedo is the sub-DPS fighter in this party who creates additional damage to enemies.

Elemental Resonance
Combine this character with a Cryo character like Kaeya to make elemental resonance.

If you want to create a friendly party to do daily missions, combine Rosaria with Xiangling, Barbara, and Amber. Xiangling will be the main DPS in this party while Rosaria will take the responsibility of a Cryo Supporter. Rosaria and Xiangling can cause greater damage with Melting Reaction. Amber is a supporter who deals with enemies at high places. Barbara heals teammates with her skills.

Emental Reaction
Combine her element with other elements like Pryo, Hydro, and Electro to make elemental reactions.

Other recommended teammates for Rosaria are Diluc, Chongyun, Razor, or Lisa. Chongyun also controls the Cryo element. Then, Rosaria and Chongyun can deal massive damage with an elemental resonance. Besides, Rosaria can co-op with Diluc to make a deadly elemental reaction and melt a large number of enemies. Lisa and Razor can also make a Charged elemental reaction with this beautiful sister.

Rosaria Genshin Impact Leak Gameplay

Rosaria can play many roles in your party. However, the best role of this new character is sub-DPS, especially when she teams up with a 5-star character like Diluc. To increase the power of Rosaria, you have to upgrade this character to level 90.

You should use the Charged attack to change the direction and dodge the enemy's attacks. Then, activate the elemental skill to freeze enemies and switch characters to create elemental reactions, such as Melting, Charging, and Freezing.

This is a pro guide for Rosaria Genshin Impact gameplay and some tips to build her. Yous should collect more Hero's Wits to upgrade this new character, equip the best weapons and artifacts, and recruit this character for your party.

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