Deathmatch Genshin Impact is a powerful polearm for fighters. Check out this guide now on how to obtain and upgrade this weapon for Genshin Impact travelers here.

Genshin Impact Deathmatch Polearm Weapon Detail

It's a strong sharp crimson polearm in Genshin Impact with great damage. This 4-star weapon has a skill called Gladiator. This skill help increase the ATK damage by 24% when there is only one enemy nearby and 16% if there are at least two opponents around. The DEF rate is also increased by 16%. At higher ascension levels, the ATK damage will also increase.

Genshin Impact Deathmatch Polearm Power
Deathmatch is a strong sharp crimson polearm in Genshin Impact with great damage.

For example, the ATK damage and DEF are raised by 32% when you are surrounded by more than 2 opponents. Or else, its DEF and ATK damage increase by up to 48% when facing up with one enemy only. Moreover, Deathmatch Polearm also increase the CRIT Rate by 8.00%.

Genshin Impact Zhongli Polearm
To rank up quickly and reach the BP level 30 soon, you need to collect EXP by completing BP missions.

In addition, the base damage of Deathmatch Polearm also increases by level. At level 1, the base ATK is 41 and the CRIT Rate is 8%. At level 20/40, it's 99 - 125 and the CRIT rate is 14.1%. It goes up to 454 ATK damage and 36.8% CRIT rate at level 90. The best characters to use this powerful weapon are Xiao and Hu Tao.

How To Get Deathmatch Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact players can get this weapon from the Battle Pass Reward. It's not available in the Sojourner's Battle Pass but in the Gnostic Hymn. You need to unlock the Gnostic Hymn with real cash and reach Battle Pass (BP) level 30 to choose one of four 4-star weapons from the Battle Pass Bounty, including the Deathmatch Polearm.

Genshin Impact Bp Rewards
Travelers can get this weapon from the Battle Pass Reward.

To rank up quickly and reach the BP level 30 soon, you need to collect EXP by completing BP missions. There are four daily BP missions, fourteen Weekly missions, and many BP event tasks for Genshin Impact travelers to complete and collect EXP. However, players cannot get more than 10,000 EXP a week. Here are four daily missions that you need to complete.

Battle Pass Daily Missions

  • Log in to the game every day.
  • Complete 4 daily commissions marked by purple points on the map.
  • Mine 10 items on the map or by dispatching characters on expedition. You can dispatch some characters on an expedition to mine 10 or 20 chunks per 20 hours. It's the fastest way to mine items and save time for other missions.
  • Use s total of 150 origin resin. You can use resin in Ley Line Outdrop in Mondstadt and Liyue. Besides, you can defeat Cyro Regisvine, Anemo Hypostasis, Lupus Boreas, Oceanid, Primo Geovishap, Pyro Regisvine, etc., and use 40 origin resin to collect treasures.
Polearm For Hu Tao
The best characters to use this powerful weapon are Xiao and Hu Tao.

These daily missions do not change over BP seasons. Completing all these daily missions, you will collect 645 EXP per day. However, those daily missions are much easier to complete than weekly and event missions. Moreover, the event missions will change after each update.

Some weekly missions are pretty easy to complete while many others require you to attempt if you want to get the Deathmatch Genshin Impact polearm early. Here are some easy weekly missions that you can complete in one second only.

Battle Pass Weekly Missions

  • Cook 20 dishes.
  • Forge 20 items.
  • Complete 3 requests.
  • Complete 3 bounties.
  • Finish 15 Domain Challenges.
  • Use 1,200 original resin in total within a week.
Kill Bosses Quickly
To make this polearm more powerful, you need to enhance it.

There are many other missions to complete every day and week in Genshin Impact to rank up fast in the Battle Pass. Many time-limited events also bring you many interesting tasks to do with a giant amount of EXP to level up faster.

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Deathmatch Genshin Impact Upgrade Guide

To make this polearm more powerful, you need to enhance it by using materials. You will need different materials and amounts of Mora to upgrade this weapon at different ascension levels. Here are all ingredients you need to ascend Deathmatch polearm in Genshin Impact.

Deathmatch Great Damage
With great ATK damage and a high CRIT Rate, Deathmatch helps the character kill bosses and clear domain qucikly.
  • 20/40: 5,000 Mora, 3 Boreal Wolf's Milk Teeth, 3 Dead Dead Ley Line Branches, and 2 Whopperflower Nectars.
  • 40/50: 15,000 Mora, 3 Boreal Wolf's Cracked Teeth, 12 Dead Ley Line Branches, and 8 Whopperflower Nectars.
  • 50/60: 20,000 Mora, 6 Boreal Wolf's Cracked Teeth, 6 Dead Ley Line Leaves, and 6 Shimmering Nectars.
  • 60/70: 30,000 Mora, 3 Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangs, 12 Dead Ley Line Leaves, and 9 Shimmering Nectars.
  • 70/80: 35,000 Mora, 6 Boreal Wolf's Broken Fangs, 9 Ley Line Sprouts, and 6 Energy Nectars.
  • 80/90: 45,000 Mora, 4 Boreal Wolf's Nostalgia, 18 Ley Line Sprouts, and 12 Energy Nectars.
Upgrade To Make It More Powerful
Collect Materials From Your Adventures Or Paimon's Bargain Shop To Upgrade And Make It More Powerful.

You need to defeat monsters to collect these ingredients and craft high-level materials, such as Shimmering Nectars, Energy Nectars, and Boreal Wolf's Nostalgia. Or else, you can use Starglitters or Stardusts to exchange those ingredients in Paimon's Bargain shop.

Power Of Deathmatch Polearm In Genshin Impact

You can use this polearm to equip some main DPS characters in your parties, such as Zhongli, Xiao, and Hu Tao. If you use Xiao or Zhongli as the main DPS fighter in your team, this polearm is better than the Blackcliff pole. It can deal up to 454 damage points per attack.

Genshin Impact Polearm In Hu Tao Hand
It's the best weapon for DPS fighters like Hu Tao and Xiao.

Moreover, when your Xiao character reaches level 80, he can deal more than 34,000 damage points per attack during the Elemental Burst. Then, you can defeat powerful bosses quickly.

Those are things you need to know about Deathmatch Genshin Impact polearm. You can get more weapon details in Genshin Impact on our website. These completed guides will help up play this game better.

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