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Genshin Impact Venti Talent Build

Venti is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact and also the strongest Anemo character in this game. This Shota character uses a bow. Like other characters in this game, Venti also has three skills, including a normal attack, an elemental kill, and an elemental burst.

Venti Talents
Venti is a 5-star character in Genshin Impact and also the strongest Anemo character in this game.
  • Divine Marksmanship is the normal attack of Venti. With the normal attack, Venti can make 6 consecutive shots with his bow. When you hold the normal attack button, the charged attack of Venti will cause more damage to the target with accurately aimed shots. The Plunging Attack will cost Venti stamina but it also causes AoE DMG to enemies.
Divine Marksmanship Attack
The normal attack of Venti is called Divine Marksmanship that lets him make 6 consecutive shots with his bow.
  • Skyward Sonnet is the Elemental skill of Venti. When you press this button, Venti will summon a Wind Domain at the location of the enemies to launch them in the air and cause Anemo damage to the target. If you hold the Skyward Sonnet button, the area of the attack will be broadened to cause more damage to enemies.
Venti Power
Skyward Sonnet is the Elemental skill of Venti that lets Venti summon a Wind Domain to launch enemies in the air.
  • Wind's Grand Ode is the Elemental Burst of this character. When shooting a powerful wind arrow, the Anemo element will be combined with other elements in your team to cause additional DMG to enemies in a larger area of effect.
Skyward Sonnet
Venti's Elemental Burst is called Wind's Grand Ode that lets him shoot a powerful wind arrow.

In addition, Venti also has some passive talents.

  • At Ascension 1, you will unlock the Embrace of Winds talent to create a wind current within 20 seconds.
Venti Is A Musician
Venti is an excellent musician who can play beautiful songs of Mondstadt.
  • Then, you can unlock the Stormeye skill at Ascension 4. It helps Venti heal 15 energies after using the Elemental Burst.
  • The Windrider is available when you get this character. This skill helps reduce the Stamina Consumption of Venti's allies.

Best Weapon And Artifact Build For Venti

The best weapon for Genshin Impact Venti build support is The Stringless Bow. This weapon helps increase the damage of the elemental kill and elemental burst by 24 - 48% based on the level of the bow. Or else, you can use a Favonius Warbow for Venti. If you have an Elegy For The End bow or The Viridescent Hunt bow in your inventory, that will be great.

The Sharpshooter's Oath Bow is the best weapon for Venti in the role of a supporter.

Besides, the best artifacts for Venti's support build are Viridescent Venerer and Noblesse Oblige flowers. Both these flowers help boost the Energy Recharge, Anemo DMG, and power of ATK for this character. With these weapons and artifacts, Venti will play as an excellent supporter in your team.

Stringless bow helps increase the damage of the elemental kill and elemental burst by 24 - 48% based on the level.

The best weapons for Venti's Aimed Shot Build are Sharpshooter's Oath and Messenger bows. Base on your purpose and preference, choose one of these two bows for Venti. Wanderer's Troupe is the best artifact for Venti's Aimed Shot skill which helps boost the ATK power, Anemo DMG, and CRIT DMG. This build makes Venti a sharpshooter.

Venti Best Build
With these weapons and artifacts, Venti will play as an excellent supporter in your team.

If you want to use Venti as a strong Sub-DPS fighter in your team, the best Genshin Impact Venti Build must include the five-star weapon Skyward Harp. This bow helps boost the CRIT DMG and ATK DMG of this character. Besides, the best Genshin Impact Venti Build for the Sub-DPS role must include the Noblesse Oblige flower.

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Genshin Impact What To Build On Venti Team

There are many ways to build the best team with Venti. As the best role of Venti is a Sub-DPS character, you will need at least one main DPS fighter in your party. Or else, you can use two DPS fighters and use Venti as a supporter in your party.

  • The best party for the Venti team build should include Diluc, Ganyu, and Bennett. While Diluc plays the role of the main DPS fighter, Ganyu will be a powerful Damage dealer in your party. Bennett will be the supporter and healer of this party. Then, Venti can play the role of a supporter or sub-DPS fighter.
Venti Team Build
You need a stronger team with two DPS fighters to clear hard domains and bosses.
  • If you want to build a friendly party, you can select Venti, Xiangling, Kaeya, and Barbara. Both Xiangling and Kaeya can be excellent damage dealers in your party. Meanwhile, Barbara and Venti are supporters. This team is more suitable to deal with small groups of weak enemies. If you have to encounter a powerful boss, choose the first team.
This Is A Friendly Team Build For Venti
This Is A Friendly Team Build For Venti
  • Another party suggestion for Venti's team build includes Mona, Fischl, and Klee. Or else, you can replace Mona with Jean. Klee is a strong DPS character with Pryo element. When her elemental burst is combined with the elemental skill or elemental burst of Venti, you can cause a great amount of damage to enemies in a large area.

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