Luhua landscape Genshin Impact is a side quest location. It's located in Luhua Pool in Liyue. Let's explore this beautiful landscape and see how to complete the side quest here.

What's In Luhua?

Luhua Pool is a beautiful lake in the North of Liyue city. This place is the most beautiful at sunset and sunrise when the orange light dyes the whole Luhua Lake in a warm color. In daylight, the scenery of Luhua Pool is also very spectacular with crystal clear turquoise blue water.

Luhua Landscape Genshin Impact
Luhua Pool is a beautiful lake in the North of Liyue city.

Moreover, there are many small ponds overlapping each other in a terraced foundation. It makes Luhua Pool be one of the most stunning landscapes in Liyue. From a high place, this lake looks like a shining pearl, especially when the sun goes up high on the sky.

Luhua Pool Genshin Impact
There are many small ponds overlapping each other in a terraced foundation in Luhua Pool.

Gliding to the center of the pool, there is an ancient domain. Moreover, you can also find an ancient jail with two big statues of Chinese guardians at the entrance of the jail. Both of these two statues face the lake. They wear the traditional costume of ancient Chinese soldiers and hold a long spear in their hands.

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Luhua Landscape Genshin Impact Quest

As briefly mentioned, Luhua the location of an important side quest. After completing this side quest, you will receive a lot of EXP and many other attractive rewards from Luxurious Chest. Let's check out how to complete the Luhua landscape in Genshin Impact.

Luhua Ruin Location
Use the Teleport Waypoint to get to the location of this quest quickly.

Side Quest Objectives

This side quest is pretty simple. You only have to complete some easy objectives below. However, only players over Aventure Rank level 30 in Genshin Impact can unlock this side quest and complete it.

  • Meet Vermeer, a big man standing in front of the ancient jail, and talk to him to get the quest and important information. He is a traveling painter looking for his lost paints and paintbrush.
Meet Vermeer
Meet the traveling painter Vermeer to get the quest as well as necessary information.
  • You need to look for Vermeer's paints and paintbrush.
  • Bring the found objects to Vermeer.
Find The Lost Objectives
Find The Lost Objectives And Bring Them Back To Vermeer.
  • Then, you will get a strange stone from this traveling painter. Next, go to find another strange stone.
  • Unravel the secret behind this location.
The Lost Items Marked
The Lost Items Will Be Marked By Strange Lights But You Need To Get Close To Spot Them.
  • Explore the Ruin and open Luxurious Chest insides the Ruin.

Luhua landscape Genshin Impact paintbrush locations

The locations of lost objectives will be marked by strange lights. However, you need to get close to the right places to see the mark. There are two teleport waypoints on the left and right mountain cliffs of Luhua Pool. You can find the lost paints on the left cliff and the lost paintbrush in the Ruin on the left cliff. There are many books around the locations of lost items.

Lost Items Locations
Two objectives are hidden near two teleport waypoints on the left and right mountain cliffs of Luhua Pool.

To reach these places, you should use the Teleport Waypoints to reach the locations of the objective quickly. Because these two locations of lost items are at high places, it will be very time-wasting if you don't use the Teleport Waypoints. It's highly recommended that travelers should unlock all teleport waypoints when they traverse the map. It will help you reach the wanted places faster, especially when you do daily commissions and quests.

Get A Strange Stone
You will get a strange stone for completing Vermeer's quest.

Side Quest Rewards

After finding two strange stones in Luhua Pool, you can explore the ancient jail mentioned before. Climb to the shoulder of the two statues and put the stone to the heads of the statues. Then, let the sun shines to light the stones. When you put two stones to two statues, the Geo marker will be unlocked.

Find Another Strange Stone
Find Another Strange Stone In Luhua Pool

Use the Geo element to activate the Geo Marker and summon three enemies. Defeat all of them to open the ancient jail behind Luhua Pool. Enter the Ruin and open some chests insides. There is a luxurious chest in the center of the Ruin. The chest includes 50 Primogems, 2 Hero's Wits, Fine enhancement ores, Mystic enhancement ores, Berseker's Rose, etc.

Insert Stone
Insert Stones To The Statues' Heads And Unlock The Geo Mark.

Besides, you can find two Exquisite Chests in two corners of the Ruin. Travelers need to kill two big spiders and break their nets to unveil the chests. Each Exquisite chest gives you two Primogems and many other materials for weapon enhancement or character upgrading. Moreover, you also get 30,000 Mora and 450 Adventure EXP after completing this world quest.

Luhua Domain

There is a domain in Luhua landscape in Genshin ImpactIt's located in Luhua Pool. You can glide the get there. Ore else, there is a small bridge connecting the land and that domain. Thus, you can also get there on foot. To unlock the domain, you need to investigate Ruin Writing and follow the instruction. Besides, use Amber to activate Pyro Markers.

There are three left columns in the Ruin. Face three columns and activate the marker under the left column first. Then, activate the marker under the right column before activating the marker under the central column. Then, you will fall into the entrance of the domain titled "Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula". Open your wing to glide and land safely.

Those are things you need to know about Luhua landscape Genshin Impact. After completing the side quest here, you can explore the domain in this pool and get many legendary items and materials.

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