After PUBG Mobile was banned in India and the servers shut down, many chicken dinner lovers have been left wandering the Internet for alternatives. One of the biggest competitors of PUBG in India before the game itself got the "ban pan" was Free Fire, but should loyal PUBG fans "betray" their former favorite and jump ship?

Before switching from PUBG to Free Fire, one needs to understand and find out if the differences between the two games can be bridged. Finding out if Garena's title is a worthwhile alternative is not an invitation for any PUBG fan to switch to Free Fire, nor making comparisons on whether one game is better than the other.

Rather, it is to help any wayward PUBG fan out there find a new home after their beloved Battle Royale got kicked out of the country. It is up to the readers to decide if Free Fire can provide that new abode for them. Without further ado, let's review 5 things what you may like or not like in Free Fire:

Is Switching From PUBG Mobile to Free Fire a Good Idea? Here are 5 Things You Should Examine

1. Graphics

One of the most glaring differences between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire is graphics, where PUBG Mobile has a clear advantage. The graphical realism of PUBG Mobile extends to many things including the environment like foliage and terrain, making tactics and planning very useful if you know how to take advantage of them.

Switching From PUBG Mobile To Free Fire? Here's What You Need To Know

On the other hand, Free Fire does not have the same kind of detail to allow the game to be as tactical, but it doesn't mean the game is not easy on the eyes. While the gameplay itself will lack the positioning required in PUBG to win, Free Fire has colorful graphics, characters, and multiple customization options that keep you engaged.

And of course, the graphics in Free Fire allow almost any modern smartphone to run it and the game does not take up as much space as PUBG Mobile. Also, Garena itself is in the process of finalizing Free Fire Max, a version of the game which will have greater graphical fidelity to fill this obvious gap.

2. Gameplay

When it comes to keeping the fans interested and invested in the long-term, the gameplay is the central piece of the puzzle. The gameplay in PUBG Mobile feels familiar to anyone who has ever played a shooter game, but the realism in shooting and gunplay is what makes it stand out. Combined with a well fleshed-out multiplayer experience, PUBG Mobile is one of those games that is difficult to put down once you have picked it up.

Free Fire follows the same pattern of Battle Royale as PUBG, but the differences can be pretty major and hard to overcome for fans of realism. For example, the maximum number of players is limited to 50 players, and every match ends fairly quickly. The characters in Free Fire have special abilities, who can even be accompanied by pets that do the same.

In addition, the gunplay in Free Fire feels remarkably different as there is not much recoil as in PUBG Mobile. Rather, the efficiency of a weapon has to do with bullet spread and accuracy, which PUBG-ers must get used to if they want to consider switching.

3. Game Modes

Both games have moved beyond the standard Battle Royale experience when it comes to introducing new and different game modes, although PUBG Mobile has more variety currently. Free Fire's Clash Squad team deathmatch mode is quite popular with current FF fans, but its game modes have not been as diverse as Payload in PUBG for example.

Switching From PUBG Mobile To Free Fire? Here's What You Need To Know

The special and interesting game modes in Free Fire are often available only for a limited time, but if the modes' balance is sorted out and there is good feedback from the players, the special modes would often come back and even stay permanently. Clash Squad was originally a limited game mode before being fully integrated into the game.

4. Updates

Here is where Free Fire might have an edge if you enjoy frequent updates and events that give you a lot of chances to win and buy new game items, try out new modes, and so on. If you liked the updates in PUBG Mobile, you'd also like the consistently updated new events, new customization options, characters, pets, missions, etc. in Free Fire.

Switching From PUBG Mobile To Free Fire? Here's What You Need To Know

Free Fire's "Royale Pass" is called the Elite Pass which also gives you a good value for money if you want to earn new items and currencies often. Players moving from PUBG Mobile to Free Fire would not notice much of a difference in this particular aspect.

5. Competition

Every Battle Royale game is sustained by the level of competition that attracts the best and most skilled players. Similar to PUBG Mobile, Free Fire is also pretty active in this regard, having Ranked mode to keep up the competitive spirit among regular players.

Switching From PUBG Mobile To Free Fire? Here's What You Need To Know

The eSports scene of Free Fire is growing very solidly, having organized multiple tournaments including several in India that come with attractive prize pools. The game's competitiveness has grown even stronger in other regions like Latin America. Free Fire has its own streaming website ("BOOYAH!") where you can witness the competition in action all over the world.

In short, when you take into account the many aspects of Free Fire, it is a decent refuge for wayward PUBG Mobile fans looking for a fix. Of course, those in love with PUBG Mobile's strongest and most outstanding features would find the transition very difficult.

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