Genshin Impact is now available on the PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. The new RPG game from the Chinese developer miHoYo is an action-adventure set in an open world with a medieval theme and anime aesthetic. Genshin Impact mobile download is completely free, although as a Free-to-Play game it also bases a large part of its experience on optional microtransactions that use the gacha in-game gambling mechanic.

genshin impact mobile download

Genshin Impact is a classic role-playing title in which you will have to start out by choosing a character; in this case, one of the two siblings who are shown to us in the opening animation, which is quite spectacular, by the way. Once you choose a character, you must go on an adventure to save the other, who has been kidnapped by a strange deity.

To do this you will improve our skills, your weapons, and ultimately, your character. In addition, as you move forward we will find new companions who, contrary to what they are like in other RPG games, are playable characters.

In addition to being able to fight, walk and run, you can swim, cook or climb, all within a fairly large world that you can freely explore although there will be clues and tips to finish the missions that emerge in the game.

How to Download Genshin Impact Mobile

In Genshin Impact, you have the option to play it on different platforms using the same account on your PC, iOS, and Android. Yes, it is also for the PlayStation 4 but sharing the same account on consoles is not supported.

Genshin Impact Mobile Download Link, Free Primogems, Requirements, Etc.

In the case of the mobile version of the game, the sharing account system works the same as for the PC. For Genshin Impact mobile free download, you can download it for iOS from the App Store or for Android from the Google Play Store, although you can also find Genshin Impact mobile download link for APK on other platforms if you want.

Download Genshin Impact Mobile Download Android Requirements

Unlike playing the game on consoles like the PlayStation 4, Genshin Impact mobile download on Android will force you to meet certain requirements to be able to play. First of all, you will need no less than 5 GB of storage just to download the game.

Genshin Impact Mobile Download Link, Free Primogems, Requirements, Etc.

When you download it from the Play Store it occupies about 135 MB of space but when you open it for the first time it asks you to download the rest of the data, and it will take a long time, although this depends on the internet connection you have and how saturated the servers are. What's more, the developers advise having about 8 GB total for the game.

Before you can initiate Genshin Impact mobile download for Android version, although the Play Store says that you will need at least Android version 5.0, the developers advise you should have 7.0 or later, although practically any smartphone will meet this requirement. Of course, it's even better if you use Oreo (8.0) or a more current version.

Genshin Impact Mobile Download Link, Free Primogems, Requirements, Etc.

As for RAM, the minimum is 3 GB, although it is advisable to have 4 GB. Similarly, you'd need a better processor than the standard requirement like a Snapdragon 845, Kirin 810, or a more powerful one. In theory, any ARM v8a 64-bit CPU is advised.

You can register using your email address, but also using your Google or Twitter credentials. Genshin Impact mobile download is completely free although you can make purchases within the game.

Free Codes and Rewards in Genshin Impact Mobile Download

GenshinMHY0M: Exchange for 30 primogems (America)

GenshinMHY0O: Exchange for 30 primogems (Europe)

GenshinMHY0I: Exchange for 30 primogems (Asia)

How to Redeem Free Codes on Genshin Impact?

In order to redeem the aforementioned codes, you have to go to the official Genshin Impact website through this link. Once there you must register (or not if you have already done so), select the server of your continent, enter your nickname, and, finally, the free redeem code.

Genshin Impact Mobile Download Link, Free Primogems, Requirements, Etc.

The codes mentioned above will only work on PC, iOS and Android mobile devices. PS4 players cannot link a miHoYo account as it is already linked to PlayStation Network. Also, you must reach Adventure Rank 10 before you can redeem codes on your account.

Each redeem code can only be used once. The same character cannot use codes of the same type more than once. The confirmation will be sent via mail within the game itself once you redeem a code successfully.

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