If you have ever dreamed of being a millionaire and use that money to buy the entire library of games that currently exist on Steam, from now on you will know the exact amount you should be ready to shell out.

How Much Money To Buy All The Games On Steam? This Is The Answer!

A programmer has created a web page where you can find out exactly how much it would cost you to buy the entire library of games on Steam, and the only thing you will need is a little over half a million dollars, or quite a bit less if you can find them on sale like during the previous discount period for Halloween.

The figures are available thanks to a calculator that is updated periodically using the latest statistics. At the time of writing, you can buy the entire Steam catalog for $556,523.31 (INR ~4.14 Crores), or at a discount for $550,252.70 (INR ~4.09 Crores). If you manage to get all the games during Halloween, you would only have to pay $437,975.13 (INR ~3.25 Crores).

How Much Money To Buy All The Games On Steam? This Is The Answer!

On the graph above, you can see how the price of the entire catalog of titles has increased exponentially since July 2017, basically because there are now many more titles than there were three years ago. The different peaks have to do with sales and discount periods, like the previous Halloween that just passed or the recent summer sales, among others over time.

Thanks to this calculator, which is updated every 24 hours approximately, you will be able to know the monetary value of all the titles that are currently on Steam at any time in recent history.

How Much Money To Buy All The Games On Steam? This Is The Answer!

Note that the current value of $556,523.31 refers to titles without discount and without taking into account the different additional content, and on average you would be paying $ 11.59 per title, knowing there are many games that are worth only a few cents or even free.

Be that as it may, Steam is the most important and popular platform for the sale of digital games on PC in the world, and has gained in value in recent years, although perhaps with less aggressive sales and discounts than we used to have several years ago.

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