Many players much prefer to play as the imposter than as a crewmate in Among Us, since the adrenaline and suspense of being discovered make the game much more fun, especially when playing with friends. But most of us keep being assigned the role of crewmates over and over, so having an Among Us hack always imposter option would be very helpful.

How To Use Among Us Hack Always Imposter? Here's The Answer For You

It doesn't matter if you play on the computer or your mobile device, you will realize that sometimes you will be a crewmate for a long stretch of time, but why is this? This has to do with the algorithm of Among Us, and being assigned as the impostor occurs at random and depends on many factors.

Being the impostor in Among Us is clearly the most fun role in the game. All players look forward to that moment when they have to kill the crew, but is it possible to always become the impostor in every game? Using Among Us hack always imposter 2020 or a trick? Let us answer this question and tell you what you can do about it:

How to be the Imposter Every Time? How to Use Among Us Hack Always Imposter?

Here is the answer: No, there is no possible way to always be the impostor game after game in Among Us. There is not a trick nor any Among Us hack version always imposter to help you with this. The impostor role is randomly chosen for each new game, so it is totally impossible to force this role in a guaranteed way. It will always be pure chance whether you are a crewmate or impostor.

What About the Trick That Allows Among Us Always Imposter Every Game?

Perhaps you have read or seen a trick online that lets you be the imposter automatically every time a game starts. We must warn you of this so-called Among Us hack always imposter without host, as it is false and does not work, and we have checked. This trick consists of the following:

How To Use Among Us Hack Always Imposter? Here's The Answer For You

  • You enter the Freeplay mode of the game.
  • You interact with the computer at the beginning of the game.
  • You activate the file called "Be_Impostor.exe" in red to take the role of the impostor.
  • You exit Freeplay mode and join any public game, and when the game starts, you will always be the imposter.

Obviously, as we have said this trick is false and does not work. You can check it for yourself. Other variants of this trick or other supposed tricks are false too.

Previously, there was an app on Google Play that allows for Among Us hack always imposter called "Among Us Impostor Hack", but it has been removed from the Google Play store for not complying with its policies, but there is probably still a working link for it you can find online.

Here's the Correct Way to be the Imposter in Among Us

The only way to be an impostor in Among Us is for RNGsus to bless you randomly, as we have already mentioned. However, the probability of being one can be "forced" slightly:

  • You don't have to be very smart to deduce that the more impostors there are in a game, the more likely you are to be picked as one.
  • Therefore, if you set up or search for games with 3 imposters, you will have a greater chance of playing as an imposter.
  • This is the only method to play as an imposter more often.
  • Even so, it is still random whether or not you can be an imposter. You will simply need to have luck on your side.

Among Us - Always be the Impostor in Freeplay Mode

Although there is no Among Us hack always imposter to ensure that you are always the imposter during online games, you can become the impostor whenever you want in the Freeplay mode of Among Us. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

How To Use Among Us Hack Always Imposter? Here's The Answer For You

  • Enter the Freeplay mode of the game and select any map.
  • Interact with the base computer and select the red file called "Be_Impostor.exe".
  • Now you will take on the role of impostor with all its abilities.
  • This will allow you to be the imposter to practice your skills and find out how assassinations or sabotage works on the ship, for example.
  • You can assassinate the Dummy characters that are around the ship (although they do nothing, of course).

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