Solo vs Squad PUBG Mobile tips and tricks are very important for players to get more Chicken Dinner. If you want to rank up fast and increase your K/D ratio, you need these pro solo vs squad PUBG tips.

#1. Key Strategy

First of all, you need a great strategy to move and avoid making mistakes. Don't land on hot-drop locations and try to avoid attending too much attention from opponent squads when you go solo. If you are the last man standing if your team, play defensively to survive longer. Don't play too aggressively or you may die soon.

Land Near A Shelter To Cover
Land Near A Shelter To Cover

#2. Landing

Don't land on the open ground. You should land near an apartment to loot and cover. You can also land near vehicles to move if there are too many enemies around. If you can occupy a building, loot guns first and make some kills before the enemy squad finishes looting to rush you. Grab some smoke and frag grenades to make the cover or block the enemies.

Do Not Land On Hot Drop Location
Do Not Land On Hot-Drop Location

#3. Scouting Ability

It's one of the most vital tips for solo vs squad in PUBG Mobile. You should have a good graphic setting and excellent scouting ability to spot all enemies before they spot you. Don't shoot and attract their attention until you can determine all locations of the whole enemy squad. Then, wait for them to separate to kill one by one. Don't let them concentrate on you or you will die.

Rotate To Spot Enemies Around
Rotate To Spot Enemies Around Before You Engage In A Solo Vs Squad Combat.

#4. Confusing Enemies

Once you can knock an enemy, confirm him if you can. You can use Molotovs and frag grenades to confirm that kill safely. Besides, smoke and stun grenades can make the enemies blind or cover you on certain sides.

Use Grenades To Confuse Enemies
You can use Molotovs and frag grenades to confirm kills safely when rushing enemies in buidlings.

Besides, frag grenades can make enemies confused and hide your footstep sound when you rush other enemies. Focus on the ones who are reviving the knocked one because they are more vulnerable.

#5. High-Damage Weapons

It's one of the key Solo vs Squad PUBG Mobile tips in this shooting game. M249 is the best weapon for solo vs squad due to its large ammo capacity. It has up to 100 bullets per mag that are enough to clutch the whole enemy's squad in one load of ammo only.

Do Not Rush Too Early
You can use two ARs with extended mags to clear a squad without having to reload ammo.

However, this gun is very rare. You can only find it in the airdrop randomly. Then, you can use two ARs instead with extended mag instead. For example, you can use an AKM and a Beryl M762.

#6. Stealth Tactics

You should avoid being spotted and heard when engaging in combat from distance. You can use a suppressor attachment or flash hider muzzle to hide your position. If you see combat near you, don't rush right away.

You should stay at the border of the combat and wait until a team clears the other team. When the alive team is focusing on looting, you can throw a Molotov to frag grenade to clear the whole squad. You can also use this tip to camp near the airdrop.

#7. The Final Circle

In the final circle, you should stay in the border of the blue circle. You should find a cover, such as a wall, broken vehicle, rock, tree, or some smoke. If the last circle shrink in the open ground, you should use some smoke grenades to make some covers around you or confuse the opponents.

Last Circle Combat
You need to kill all enemies by all means and be the last man standing on the map.

You can also find a place with high grass to lie and spot enemies. This is a pro tip to fake your position. It can help you clear the last enemy team to get Chicken Dinner.

#8. Ultra Legend Strategy

Another pro tip for solo vs squad game is determining the best place to spot all enemies in the opponent team. It would be better if you can find a shelter with a large view and shoot down enemies safely before changing the position to clear the other men.

Keep A Safe Distance From Enemies
Keep A Safe Distance From Enemies To Clear All Of Them Without Getting Shot.

A full PUBG Mobile squad often divides the team into two pairs. Then, you should stay near a pair and knock one pair first. Next, camp near the knocked ones and wait for the two other players of that team to come and revive their teammates.

#9. Good Weapon Combo

Having a good weapon combo is very important to win a solo vs squad match. Base on the map and tier, choose a proper weapon combination. If you play on small maps, such as Livik, you can use a combo of ARs or an AR with a semi sniper.

Hold A Sniper Gun
Hold A Sniper Gun To Deal With Sniper Players In The Enemy Team

On larger maps like Erangel and Miramar, keep a sniper gun with you. When you are at a high rank, each squad team often has a pro sniper to support their team from distance. Don't reveal to these snipers and use your sniper gun to kill them.

#10. Rushing Tactics

It's a deadly mistake if you rush a full squad when they are together. Instead, you can use some grenades to clear them or separate them. Then, tackle one or two enemies at once. Make sure that their teammates cannot support them right away so that you have enough time to reload and heal if needed.

Those are the top 10 Solo vs Squad PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that you may need. Hope these tips are useful for you to rank up quickly and increase your K/D ratio.

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