Here are the 10 best pro tips and tricks in PUBG Mobile that you should know. With these pro tips and tricks, you will have more chances to improve your skills, finish the match at the top positions, and even get Chicken Dinner.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tips And Tricks

To improve your skills, you should always land on the hot-drop locations to practices combat skills, such as short-range spray and moving skills. Then, use these tips and tricks to play better and get Chicken Dinner.

Choose Hot Drop Locations To Land
Choose Hot Drop Locations To Land
  • Cook grenades from behind the cover because you will need 5-6 seconds to cook grenades before throwing. If you reveal your body within this time, enemies will have enough time to knock and kill you.
  • You can use smoke grenades to confuse enemies. Throw the smoke somewhere to make them think you are in the smoke and wait for them to rush and make mistakes.
Use Smoke To Fake Your Position
Use Smoke To Fake Your Position
  • Jump while sprinting when getting close to the enemies, so you won't be an easy target. Besides, you can also confuse enemies camping in the corner. He won't know which side you will come from.
  • Use flash hider in the final circle to hide your position when laying down on the grass. The suppressor will be less effective in the last zone because the circle is very small and you are very close to the enemies.
Jump While Sprinting
Jump While Sprinting
  • Try to park your car inside the house or compound so that enemies cannot break the tire. Moreover, if you park the car outside the house, enemies will know that you are inside.
  • Dive in the water while crossing rivers. You don't know whether there is an enemy around or not. Therefore, dive to not get shots.
  • Grab a sniper rifle when you play solo because sometimes you cannot rush.
Dont Swim Like This
Don't Swim Like This
  • Always peek and fire.
  • Use a red dot or holographic scope in the final zone.
  • Besides, you should have good earphones or headphones because sound is very important in this game.