There are many types of PUBG Mobile players based on their playstyle. Here are the 10 most popular types of players in this game.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Player Categories

Based on the playstyle, there are many types of players in PUBG Mobile. Here are the ten most popular categories of PUBG Mobile gamers. Let's see which type you are in.

  • Rushers: these players always rush and hate campers. These players often play aggressively as tankers in the squad.
Rushers often hate campers.
  • The Medics often go supporting other teammates. These players are always ready to survive you when you are knocked. So, don't leave him too far behind you.
Each team needs a medic.
  • Snipers are of course good at sniping. They often use bolt-action sniper rifles or automatic sniper rifles to deal with enemies with long distances. Each team needs a pro sniper to support tankers from behind.
Snipers Will Deal With Long Range Combat
Snipers Will Deal With Long-Range Combat
  • Airdrop hunters always head to the airdrop location to loot airdrops. These players often have high-level supplies from the airdrops. But sometimes, they may die because of airdrop campers.
  • Snakes refer to those who often lie on the grassland to camp other players. They are also the most disliked players.
This Is A Snake
This Is A Snake
  • Racers/Drivers use their driving skills to take their team to any corner of the maps. If your team has a good driver, your team will get nearer to Chicken Dinner. If he is a bad driver, he will kill the whole team.
Are You A Good Driver
Are You A Good Driver?
  • Scout is an important role in a squad. They should be nimble and clever enough to avoid enemies and inform their teammates of the locations of the enemies.
Scouts Should Be Nimble
Scouts Should Be Nimble
  • Each team may have some annoying players who cry for everything. For example, if you get an M24, he will beg you to give him that gun.
Many Players Are Addicted To Airdrop
Many Players Are Addicted To Airdrops
  • Team callers are also the team leaders. They will call the team to rush or fall back. Thus, you need to choose a good team caller and each team needs only one team caller.
  • Bot players are those with bad skills. They even cannot fight off a bot.