Frozenbyte, the studio behind the classic ‘Trine’ series is about to rise again with a completely new project. Called ‘Starbase’, the massive collaborative MMO game has teased many details since its announcement in May.

The first spacefaring game of Frozenbyte

A couple of hours ago, another video went live. This time, the trailer shows off the space combat and mounted weapons system.

New Frontier

Starbase is a pretty great leap for Frozenbyte. Famous for their puzzle - adventure series Trine, this is the first time they have done a spacefaring game. Starbase will give players all the tools they need to create and destroy, with a realistic physics system that will simulate motions and effects down to the scale individual bolts. The game’s Early Access is expected to launch later this year on Steam.

The physics is simulated down to the level of individual bolts.

Just like any other game with construction as a part of gameplay, the first step as a new player is collecting resources. No matter if it’s material or cash, the first few hours of the game will be hectic. Once enough resources have been gathered, players can then proceed to build their first spaceship with attached weapon systems. The released trailer showed a pretty diverse range of weapons, from swarm missile launchers to laser cannons.

Sophisticated And Fun Construction System

Finding schematics and gathering the resources necessary to build these weapons is one thing, actually building them and putting them on your ship is an entirely different experience. In this respect, it is pretty similar to ‘From the Depths’ in its construction system, albeit considerably more complex.

Starbase Spaceship Warfare Weapons 2 44 Screenshot
You can program your own weapons

You will have to build each weapon module from scratch, starting from three or four parts. Then, you will have to bolt them together and manually mount them on the ship’s hull ( if you’re creative enough, you can do it anywhere: Bow, starboard, port, aft and anywhere in-between) and then wire the new weapon system with your ship’s power line.

There are many kinds of weapon

Advanced mounts are available for player-controlled gun turrets. But it will require you to manually program them with an in-game language called YOLOL. When the game is released, however, I’m sure you can just copy and paste codes that people have already written in forums, if you don’t want to spend time writing and debugging codes.

The damage system will be just as detailed as the physics and the construction system.

Starbase Screenshot 04
The game focus on the realistic aspect

Unique, non-traditional weapons will also available to the player, including cargo beam which can be used to bring cargos on-board, or hold an enemy’s ship still in place while you are killing and tearing them apart.