Fans of Rules of Survival are in for a large update from the developer. Expect to experience day/night cycle, weather conditions and many more. The 12th of December will see the new version launched on Asia-PC server. Players of the mobile server will have to wait until the 19th of December to have these updates. After that, the new features will be available worldwide.

The major updates in question include high-resolution graphics, an enhancement to the engine of the game, and intricate weather pattern and day/night cycle. These changes are possible and look realistic thanks to the improved lighting effects. Some of the details that make these features look real are a blanket of fog, a sky full of stars or gentle rain in each and every battle. The actions also look and feel lifelike as the result of better engine suspension.

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The day/night cycle

Apart from making the experience more authentic, the updates can even have an impact on which weapon and strategy you use. If you can take advantage of the changes, you may outplay your opponents and win. Those who can utilize these updates for their own benefit will see that this new world promises more challenges than ever before. However, for those who fail to adapt, this might be the worst downfall. The only way to accommodate is to be more creative and resourceful, or else these updates will not be beneficial to you at all.

Better lighting effect

Weather and time are not the only worth-expecting updates. The vehicles and avatars in the game are upgraded as well. Now mechanics are also introduced. For instance, you can break in building through the window or shoot vehicles’ tires to stop them.

Debut on November 17, 2017, Rules of Survival is the very first battle game on mobile that can allow 300 participants in a single battle. Ever since it was released, the game has ranked top in 61 countries and regions and boasted more than 230 million downloads.