First Summoner is a new strategy RPG for mobiles. The game was developed by SkeinGlobe and published globally by LINE Games on July 18.

First Summoner
First Summoner just hit mobile platforms.

To begin with, we've seen lots of strategy game coming to mobile platforms nowadays. While the developers behind them always claim that their game does focus on tactics and plans, we players all know these titles usually end up containing very little actual strategies. Instead of making our own decisions, we mostly sit and watch attractive battles unfold.

First Summoner Screenshots 696x412
You will experience the game in portrait orientation

First Summoner approaches to the genre in a different way. Basically a card game, it offers full manual control over the main character and a deck of six cards. Different deck results in different monsters or spells. As the situations on battlefields always shift, you need to build, strengthen, and experiment every deck and come up with the best strategies.

First Summoner
Build the strongest deck to get through the game.

Remember that spells are really important in this game. They're extremely effective when you're looking for ways to slow down enemies or demolish them with large destructive attacks. And each time you defeat a wave of enemies, you will be rewarded with more resources. You can use them to craft new cards or upgrade your monster allies.

First Summoner features loads of impressive content, including World Map - the main scenario campaign, Snake's Battlefield - a PvP arena for those who're interested, and Infinite Chaos - a roguelike dungeon full of treasures scattered across endless battlefields.

When it comes to the visuals, First Summoner is incredibly good for a mobile game, as you may notice by the trailer above. Seems like the developer SkeinGlobe was successful in delivering a well-designed product to the community of mobile strategy RPGs.

First Summoner Content
The number of contents featured in this game should be attractive to players.

To celebrate its global release, a big opening event named "A 7-day Journey" will be running until Agust 1. All players participating in this event will gain a Legendary Card and in-game currencies as they complete daily quests.

First Summoner is now available on both App Store and Google Play.