Good news for RPG fans: Developer Perchang has confirmed that its excellent game Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is going to be available for free for the next week.

In case you don’t know, Warhammer Quest 2 is an exemplary turn-based RPG on mobile released back in 2017, featuring amazing visual designs and a rewarding difficulty curve. As with many games of this genre, combat takes place from an overhead perspective, but the game allows you to freely move and zoom the camera for a better view of the battlefield. This mechanic is not something often seen in mobile games, and it gives players an awesome feeling of scope, making ambushes feel much more intense than simply rushing blindly into the fog of war.

The UI is also cleverly designed, with health bars presented as a circle at the characters’ feet instead of popping up on top of their heads when you click on them. The animations are incredibly well done, and the whole thing just bleeds attention to detail.

Warhammer Quest 2
Top-down turn-based battles where health bars are presented as a circle at the characters’ feet

The core game includes an extensive roster of heroes that you can recruit to your team, and speaking of which, the developer has added a brand new character to the game: The Grave Guard. This is an undead warrior who primarily focuses on stamina and perseverance, meaning he’ll perform well in the role of a tank. He’s available for recruitment in the in-game tavern, bringing with him some new abilities and items to boot.

Warhammer Grave Guard
A new character has been added: The Grave Guard

If all of that sounds interesting to you, Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times is available for free on the App Store from the 18th to the 25th of July, so don’t miss your chance to experience this cool game without having to spend a penny. Head over there and pick it up right now!

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